Archive / Papers / Blackwood, G.F.: Box 3


  1. Letters from 1873-74 mainly from Peshawur including one of 18 March describes his wife’s relations; one sister’s husband killed in mutiny, another married to the heir of the Raja of Sarawak; estimate of R.H.A. horse equipment. The letters are very personal with occasional glimpses into life in India, clothes, horses, advancement etc.
  2. 1875 – Peshawur.
  3. 1876 – Rawalpindi and Muree.
  4. 1877-79 – Rawalpindi etc. and England.
  5. 1878-80 from Rawalpindi etc. In one he criticises Lord Lytton, but for the most part of the letters are domestic and as a whole reflect the life in India at the time very well.
  6. Bundle of letters from George Blackwood when in Great Britain mostly to his mother and William. Not dated in years.
  7. Bundle of letters and papers to do with Afghanistan campaign and Major Blackwood’s death in it.
  8. The Times Monday 11 August 1879, article on Afghanistan.
  9. The Times Weekly Edition, 26 November 1880, article on the war.
  10. The Edinburgh Courant, Saturday 25 September 1880, obituary of G.F. Blackwood.
  11. Civil & Military Gazette, Lahore, 23 March 1880, plan of battle in which G.F. Blackwood was killed.
  12. Various letters about G.F. Blackwood’s stand and death.
  13. Printed report by Captain J.R. Slade on the action at Maiwand on 27 July 1880 and the subsequent retreat, in which Blackwood was killed.
  14. G.F. Blackwood’s letters from Afghan campaign; map of Afghanistan; application as a major; letter enclosing medal for G.F. Blackwood.
  15. Packet of letters received after Blackwood’s death; letters from Mrs. Blackwood; Looshai Expedition report.