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Sir Gilbert Wiles, K.C.I.E., C.S.I.

Given by Lady Wiles

  1. Three maps of India.
  2. Pamphlets:
    • ‘India and the war 1939-45: the facts.’ (very small)
    • ‘Buddhism in Burma’ by J.A. Stewart. 1949.
    • The Advent: a quarterly devoted to the exposition of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of the future. Vol. II, No. 4. November 1945.
    • ‘A history of India’ by Edward Thompson. 1929.
    • ‘Indian Muslims’ views on Kashmir.’ 21 July 1951.
    • Government of Bombay Village Film Scheme. Bombay, 1941.
    • The East India Cotton Association Ltd. Opening of the Cotton Exchange building at Mazagaon on Tuesday 1 December 1925. (Commemorative brochure.)
    • Copy of the Resolution tendering thanks to G. Wiles on his retirement as Chairman of the Bombay Cotton Contracts Board.
    • Guide book: – ‘Gwalior Fort Album.’ Archaeological Department, Gwalior State.
    • Proceedings of the Sir William Jones Bicentenerary Conference. 1946. The Royal India Society.
    • ‘A picture of India: its history, people and government’ by Edwin Haward. n.d.
    • ‘India and democracy: a summary of the book by Sir George Schuster and Guy Wint.’ 1942.
    • Reconstruction Committee of Council. Second report on reconstruction planning. Delhi, 1944.
    • White Paper. Cmd 6350. India (Lord Privy Seal’s Mission). Statement and draft declaration by H.M. Government’, with correspondence and resolutions connected therewith. 1942. (Cripps’ correspondence with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and M.A. Jinnah).
    • Pamphlets issued by India Office, Information Department:
      1. India. Announcement of the policy of H.M. Government. 14 June 1945.
      2. India. Policy of H.M. Government. Statements of policy and official speeches 1945. Revised December 1945.
      3. Burma. Policy of H.M. Government. Statements of policy and official speeches 1945.
    • ‘The British Colonial Empire and the British public’, by Vincent Harlow. (June 1943.)
    • Memorandum on the subject of social and official intercourse between European officers and Indian gentlemen. Bombay. n.d.
    • Conference of British Orientalists held at Pembroke College, 20-22 August 1947.
    • The study of Indian art: being an informal talk given before the Tagore Society on 9 March 1944 by K. de B. Codrington, with an introduction by George Catlin.
  3. Envelope containing four photographs of ceremony at Independence.


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