Archive / Papers / Wiles Papers: Box 1


Sir Gilbert Wiles, K.C.I.E., C.S.I.

Given by Lady Wiles

  1. Petition for mercy of prisoner No. 4399 Joseph Albert Rodgers.
  2. Paper: ‘Towards freedom in India 1917-1942.’ I.D. 2797/42. 2 pp.
  3. Telegram sent to the New York Times by its special correspondent Herbert Matthews in Delhi, on 2 July, about the conclusions drawn by an American journalist on the state of India contrary to previous preconceived opinion. Written during the war. (5 pp.)
  4. Correspondence between Sir Gilbert Wiles, India Office, and K. de B. Codrington, Victoria and Albert Museum, about lectures. 1943-44.
  5. Notes for lectures – Sir Gilbert Wiles.
  6. Committee for Cultural Relations with India and Pakistan. Formation, agenda, minutes, relationship with Royal Society; Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal; Royal India Society – Art and Letters. Correspondence of K. de B. Codrington. Also papers on British schools in South Asia.
  7. File marked Bombay Battalion – No. 3 Company, No. 11 Platoon.. Containing:
    1. Undated letter from an Indian expressing regret on not seeing Sir Gilbert Wiles off.
    2. Envelope marked Covenant I.C.S. 1904, containing: covenant for I.C.S.; deed of covenant for the Order of St. John of Jerusalem; speech in Marathi with English translation.
    3. Form of service for National Day of Prayer 6 July 1947.
    4. Supplements to The Times on Mount Everest Expedition, 1951 and 1953.
    5. Amusing cartoons in 5 pp.
    6. File containing copy of The Statesman for Tuesday 10 July 1947, in which were produced special articles about India’s N.W. Frontier, written by I.M. Stephens.
  8. Personal file of miscellaneous papers – ‘Outbreak of war’, containing:
    1. B.P.T. Dockman – September 1939. (1 p.)
    2. Envelope containing cutting from The Times of India Illustrated Weekly 28 October 1928 – page of sketches (cartoons) of some characters on the Bombay Legislative Council.
    3. Original pencil sketches of the same type (10 slips of paper).
    4. MS note by Sir Gilbert Wiles on Gandhi and Congress soon after going to the India Office. 7 sheets (14 pp.)
    5. Note in Sir Gilbert Wiles’ handwriting entitled ‘Sir Ibrahim Rahimtoola 1939’. It seems to be notes of an interview on 1 May 1938, about Hinduism and the Muslim League.
    6. Copy of H.M.H.D.’s minute by K.M. Munshi, dated 11 August 1939, on P.W.D. file 3605/36/1939. Subject – residential buildings; charges for specific services such as water tax, halalkhore and electric energy consumed; recovery of these. (3 sheets.)
    7. One sheet – the supplement to the Daily Hayat, Karachi 22 March 1940, entitled ‘The Millat and the menace of “Indianism”‘.
    8. Sapru Committee’s proposals for a new constitution in India. Text of resolutions. 14 pp. (also duplicate copy with notes on it by Sir Gilbert Wiles.)
    9. His Excellency’s speech at the annual dinner of the Rotary Club, Bombay. 20 February 1939. (TS copy, 6 pp.) (The Governor of ?Bombay.)
    10. Minutes of a meeting held at the Secretariat … 7 June 1940, about setting up of District War Committees. Government of Bombay, Home Department.
    11. Confidential telegrams:
      1. from Viceroy, Simla, to Governor of Bombay, 1 June 1940, about setting up District War Committees (3 pp.) Civic Guard, A.R.P. etc.
      2. from Viceroy to Governor of Bombay about procedure for District War Committee in Bombay and other provinces; European Association to be dissuaded. 28 May 1940. (1 p.);
      3. Viceroy to Governor of Bombay 28 May 1940 – war situation and District Committees: categories of activity – beneficent and security;
      4. from Governor of Bombay, Srinagar, to Bombay Special, Bombay, (for Sir Gilbert Wiles) – special constables to be of all major communities. 27 May 1940;
      5. MS of telegram from Sir Gilbert Wiles to the Governor about consultation of leaders of communities and European Association, 25 May 1940, and cutting from Morning Standard, 27 May 1940.
    12. Secret note on ‘Civil disobedience v. police’ written by Sharp, sent by the Inspector General of Police in Poona to J.M. Sladen, (? Secretary to the Governor of Bombay). 7 December 1940. The note sets out present situation of possibility of new Civil Disobedience Movement; the Congress Campaign of 1930-32; police measures and criticism of those measures and tactics; outline of situation in 1940 and police measures and tactics which should be taken (6 sheets).
    13. Memoranda on Civic Guards, 4 October 1940 – purpose; training; duties. (6pp) Appendix ‘A’ – names and addresses of St. John Ambulance Association, Bombay Provincial Centre. Appendix ‘B’ – first aid to the injured – syllabus.
  9. File containing I.C.S. Family Pension Fund Rules. 1936-40.