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Microfilm No. 17

Given by M.M. Stuart

Madras [Chennai] 1810s, Bengal 1850s

Letters by Emily Sandys and by her husband to her brother Robert Stuart, written from Sangor Island. Five letters undated but one describes her journey to India; others deal with life in India and a cholera epidemic at the school. Letter dated 12 January 1854 describes her husband’s method of preaching to the crowds and her teaching at the school. Several letters from Mr. Sandys to Robert (first dated 16 June 1855) from Calcutta, giving details of their health and activities.

Letters written by Isabella Stuart to her brother Robert while in India – gives details of the day to day activities of the household. (Some of these letters are incomplete.)

Letters written by John Comb to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stuart 1815-17. (Mrs. Julia Stuart is Comb’s sister.) Four letters written while he is at Marizion after the wreck of his ship Delhi waiting for another vessel, dated 15 October 1815 until 17 January 1816 when he writes from Blackwall that he has been given command of the Swallow; 20 May 1816, Madras, comments on the good sailing qualities of Swallow and first trip to India, their ports of call in India, hope for appointment on another ship; stays in Calcutta in the hope of a shore job.