Archive / Papers / Stuart, M.M. Papers: Box 1


  1. Envelope containing:-
    1. TS of one short story by Tagore. 13pp.
    2. Short story by Premendra Mitra. llpp. Translated and shortened by M.M. Stuart.
    3. TS short story – Down in the Delta, by M.M. Stuart. 13pp.
    4. The Last Round: Short story printed in Blackwoods Magazine for January 1962, (pp. 30-38), by M.M. Stuart.
  2. Confidential letter from V.H. Graham, District Officer at Mymensingh, dated 2 May 1932, to W.H. Nelson, the Commissioner, Dacca. M.M. Stuart’s comments relating to general attitudes towards the Civil Disobedience Movement. 4pp.
  3. Notes by the District Magistrate (M.M. Stuart), Chittagong, 1942-45. An account of war conditions in his district. TS. 48pp.
  4. “Dispensing with Justice”. Description of the work of a magistrate. TS. 9pp.
  5. Newspaper cuttings of a series of articles by M.M.S entitled: Echoes of The Past in East Bengal, from the Pakistan Observer, 1949-50. 32 articles plus list of subjects in the articles.
  6. Pamphlet: John Murdoch – pioneer in Christian literature, by Jessie H. Mair. United Society for Christian Literature – Perth 1976.
  7. Book: My Life and Times as a Magistrate in Bengal in the Age of Gold, an autobiography by Clifford Noronha. Privately published and printed in Calcutta (1975). Autobiography of an Anglo-Indian who joined the I.C.S. in 1921 and served in Bengal until his retirement. He started the Christian Cooperative Credit Union in Calcutta and the Christian Cooperative Enterprises, as a way of helping the indigent Anglo-Indians and others of Calcutta, who were in the hands of money lenders. He is critical of India and Indians in their attitude to service, and gives a good description of Anglo-Indian attitudes and attributes.
  8. Letter from C.C. Noronha in Calcutta to Mr. M.M. Stuart dated 20 October 1975.
  9. Small MS notebook entitled, “Extracts from Alick’s letters to me”. The writer was the wife of A.S. Wilson, 1854-1881, a tea-planter in the Cachar District, Assam; these are copies from a very few letters covering years December 1874-1880, mostly domestic, describes what they eat, and a day’s work in a tea-garden. Has taught some coolies to play cricket. P.A. murdered by Nagas, etc.
  10. TS article by M.M. Stuart on Hugh Cleghorn, Professor of Civil History, University of St. Andrews, c. 1795; written 1971, (10 pp).
  11. (a-c) 3 xerox letters dated 1796 and 1797
  12. Shikar diaries dated 1865 belonging to Walter McCullock, Adwall, Kirkudbrightshire.
  13. Short note on the shikar diaries by M.M. Stuart.
  14. (a) Xerox copy of pamphlet – A Trip to the Berhampooter Churs, by Thane, from 13 March to 10 April. Mirzapore, 1866. (shikar).
  15. (b) Xerox copy of pamphlet: Reminiscences of Malda, by Thane, Mirzapore 1867. 7pp.

  16. Xerox copy of TS Postgraduate Seminar, Bengal: Past and Present. Paper for discussion on 10 November 1971, Hindu-Muslim unity in Noakhali, 1922: Hindu-Muslim disorder in Dacca, 1928. 14pp. (Restrictions on use).
  17. Xerox copy of TS synopsis of papers with Brigadier Greenfield, late of Fascadale, Argyll, entitled “Marrying in the East”. 3pp.
  18. TS synopsis of Balfour/Balbirnie papers. These are in Wainwright and Mathews and N.R.S. (Scot). 15pp.
  19. TS article “Chuadanga”, by M.M. Stuart (a village in mid Bengal) referring to Scott-Moncrieff. (q.v.) 4pp.
  20. Xerox of MS copy of a ‘Narrative of the escape of Mrs. Mill and her children from Fyzabad, Oudh, during the great Indian Mutiny in 1857’. 18pp. True copy. Narrative of Mrs. Mill copied from one written by Mrs. Brown from Mrs. Mill’s statement. Calcutta, November 4th 1858.
  21. Booklet: ‘Memorandum on the Withdrawal in 1877 of our Native Embassy from Cabul’.
  22. Programme of the visit of Lord and Lady Wavell to Bengal in April 1944.
  23. Watercolour sketch of Nicholson’s Monument, Margulla Pass. (location – L15)
  24. Illustrated Weekly of 8 February 1922: The Indian Viceroyalty 1858-1922.
  25. Poem: ‘Career’ by M.M. Stuart