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Given by Dr. Herbert T. Sorley, I.C.S.

H.T. Sorely entered the I.C.S. in 1914, held revenue and magisterial appointments in the Bombay Presidency, was a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Central Government; Chief secretary to Government of Bombay, Political and Services Department, 1946; compiled the Public Census Volumes of Sind and Bombay Presidency 1931 – also was with the Marine Fisheries of Bombay Presidency and became Editor compiler of Sind Gazetteers for Pakistan Government 1956 and was a member of the central Board of Revenue, Pakistan Government in Karachi until 1952.

  1. A Memoir written in 1947 under the pseudonym of Castleton Ross entitled ‘Last Fragrance’; an evaluation of Britain’s final thirty years in India, in personal and mostly contemporaneous impressions.
    • Chapters 1 and 2; Attempts to offer some evidence of the positive value of British administration. Uses extracts from diary. Detailed description of first durbar in Sind, p.17 – p.27.
    • Chapter 3; Detailed account of life as a junior Assistant Collector in Sind.
    • Chapter 4; Describes wedding of a wealthy young man of the Talpur family, a branch of the Hyderabad Mirs which ended with the entire European population of Hyderabad attending several tamashas and a dinner. Also a conversation with his clerk on the Sindhi language.
    • Chapter 5; Describes visit to the Kaira church in Gujarat; court work particularly concerning the Dheds and Chamars. Describes area around Borsad.
    • Chapter 6; A general description of the Bombay littoral – the sea traders.
    • Chapter 7; Personal amusing incidents.
    • Chapter 8; Criticisms of transfer of power and assessment of British rule.
    • Chapter 9; Memories of 30 years in India.
  2. Seven volumes of bound typescript, being excerpts from the writings of Sorley. They are entitled:
    • Vol. I. Recalling Mnemosyne.
    • Vol. II. Recalling Mnemosyne again.
    • Vol. III. The Web of Mnemosyne.
    • Vol. IV. The Maze of Mnemosyne.
    • Vol. V. Tracing Mnemosyne.
    • Vol. VI. The Loom of Mnemosyne.
    • Vol. VII. The Piping of Mnemosyne.
  3. File containing TS articles entitled:
    • ‘Anti aircraft’, a humourous account of military gardening under aircraft bombing. 12 pp.
    • Extract from the Maratha, 27 July 1919. 2 pp.
    • Extract from the Home Ruler, 8 March 1919. 2 pp.
    • Extract from the Mahratta of 6 March 1919. 2 pp.
    • Extract from the Mahratta of 2 March 1919. 2 pp.
    • Extract from a newspaper dealing with Gandhi and Satyagraha. 2pp.
    • Copy of a letter from Kazi Fakhurudin Imamali to “Sir”. 2pp.