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Given by Dr. Herbert T. Sorley, I.C.S.

H.T. Sorely entered the I.C.S. in 1914, held revenue and magisterial appointments in the Bombay Presidency, was a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Central Government; Chief secretary to Government of Bombay, Political and Services Department, 1946; compiled the Public Census Volumes of Sind and Bombay Presidency 1931 – also was with the Marine Fisheries of Bombay Presidency and became Editor compiler of Sind Gazetteers for Pakistan Government 1956 and was a member of the central Board of Revenue, Pakistan Government in Karachi until 1952.


Vol. l. Hyderabad, 18 December 1915-24 April 1916
Vol. 2. Hyderabad, 25 April 1916-16 January 1917
Vol. 3. Jamali, 17 January – 6 October 1917.