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Papers of Arthur Oram:

  1. Three diaries for 1918 and 1919. 1918 notes in detail his daily survey work for the Jalalabad Canal Project in Afghanistan and his various interviews with the Amir Habib ‘ullah. 1919 covers the Assassination of the Amir, military and political events, and succession of the new Amir, Aman-ullah.
  2. Letters of Miss Emily Oram, sister of Arthur Oram. Punjab, United Provinces, N.W.F.P. Baluchistan. 1920-1936.
    • 222 dated letters to her sisters Isa and Greta in England. Mainly personal, a record of social events in Khanki, Lahore and Nathia Gall. Describes bridge parties, golf, tennis, river picnics, dances at the Club, duck shooting expeditions, amateur theatricals. Chief concerns are the random receipt of mail and arrival of parcels from home in response to her requests for knitting wool, napkins and clothing. Occasionally accompanies her brother Arthur, an Engineer in the P.W.D., on his inspection of bridges, aquaducts, dams, headworks. Also brief description of social life in the hills during the hot season in Dalhousie and Mussoorie and life on board ship on journeys home on leave. Few references to events in India or to her brother’s work.
    • 83 undated letters. Mainly personal, two written from Melton Mowbray on a period of leave.