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Papers of Arthur Oram

Given by Mrs. J. Oram

  1. Thirty-one diaries of Arthur Oram from the years 1909-1917 and 1922-1947.┬áThe diaries of Arthur Oram speak of his work predominantly in the N.W.F.P. Punjab, and Baluchistan in the PWD as an engineer. The work consisted mainly of building bridges, aquaducts, dams. Factual statements of his work. No opinion given. Accounts are kept at the end of each diary. 1909 several hand drawn sketches of his work. 1914 – work on aqueduct at Mardan N.W.F.P. In February various skirmishes on the border with Wazirs. Raids and looting. General Blomfield and staff stayed in his bungalow and conducted army operations. In November he took a course in musketry. More skirmishes near his work in 1915. 1922-23 – Opening of the Chenab River Bridge near Khanki. November 1937 in Gilgit hearing various cases over labour disputes in the construction of an aerodrome. The R.A.F. provided him with Hawker Hunt single engined biplanes (see photographs – folder 4 and Album 4). There is a detailed explanation of the dispute on December 6, 1917 in Mianwalli working on a railway. 1923-24 and 1925 mostly in Khanki. 1929-31 at Fort Sandeman, Baluchistan. 1943-46 at Secunderabad. He describes the medical care and death of his sister Emily in September 1942. Also mentions on leaving India in April 1947 that he gave his servant, who had been with him for 17 years Rs.720 as a bonus.
  2. One diary of Emily Oram for 1925. Emily Oram’s diary for 1925 notes down her daily social events – totally factual and no opinions or attitudes are given. Accounts and visits are recorded.
  3. Envelope containing:
    • 3 servants’ addresses in 1935. 3pp.
    • Servants’ wages for 1935.
    • Bill from Medoo Mal and Durga Das, tailors and outfitters in Lahore to Emily Oram, 1926.
    • Remittance from L. Richards & Co., general drapers in Lahore to Emily Oram, 1926.
    • Advertisement for miniature paintings and photography (early 1920’s) Delhi.
    • Programme of Delhi Durbar Polo Tournament, December 11, 1911.
    • Letts Diaries School and College supplement.