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Printed material

  1. Orissa Review (State Silver Jubilee Special) 1 April 1961. Edited by S.C. Ghosh and R.P. Sinha. Home (Public relations) Dept. Bhudaneswar.
  2. A concise history of the ‘Bihar Light Horse’, by Ferrers A.C. Munns, November 1958.
  3. a-d Four copies of newspaper New Orissa Vol.X No.76, 79, 84, 87. 12 to August, 1 September, 6 September, 10 September 1942 containing a continuing article on Orissa by ‘Anon’ – P.T. Mansfield together with a letter from the editor S.B. Rath, enclosing cuttings, and a pencil note by P.T.M.
  4. The story of a village in Bihar by P.T.M. Commissioner Tirhut. lp. n.d.
  5. a&b Two copies of pamphlet ‘Rent settlement’ being a note on the results of two different methods of rent settlement adopted in different districts of Bihar and Orissa by P.T.M. 14 July 1933. 21pp.
  6. ‘The place of the Civil Services in Public Administration’, by P.T. Mansfield. Cuttack, December 29, 1958.
  7. Annual Report on the work of the Department of Land Records and Surveys, Bihar and Orissa, for the year ending September 30, 1929.
  8. Programme of Arrival and the Ceremony on the occasion of the assumption of the Office of Governor of Orissa, by His Excellency Sir John Austen Hubback, Wednesday, 1 April 1936.
  9. Welcome poem to Sir John Hubback by Chandra Selchar Das, 1 April 1936.
  10. Pages 1 and 2 of the New Orissa Supplement Inauguration number 1 April 1936 with photographs of the individuals concerned in the new province.
  11. TS of a paper by P.T.M. given at a Town and Country Planning dinner in 1946, contrasting the idea and practice of planning in India and England, and the Indian and English character. An introduction to the paper was written in 1974. 10 + 2pp.
  12. A note by P.T.M. of changes noticed in Ranchi on return visit 1968.
  13. 1934 The Statesman: Record of the Great Indian earthquake. A magazine with photographs and. articles, published to help earthquake relief at 6 annas. Articles describe the extent and result of the devastation.