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Miscellaneous articles

  1. Reminiscences of his life, family background and ancestry (not pertaining to India).
  2. Two appreciative memoirs of A.M. Kilby, Headmaster of Lindisfarne Preparatory School, Blackheath.
  3. Letter from Shahid Ismail, Electrical Engineer in Amman, Jordan, to Mansfield 1956. Britain’s bombardment of Egypt, (not pertaining to India).
  4. Original draft of first part of book regarding Orissa, its history, geography, tribes, communications, services and government.
  5. Detailed notes on settlement work for possible book on his life in India. The beginning of Survey Settlement in Orissa. The work of A.R. Toplis as Settlement Officer of Orissa.
  6. More notes for book. Settlement and I.C.S. in general.
  7. Argument for the British Raj.
  8. Notes on engaging characteristics of the Indians, his bearer, driver and deputy magistrate. 1968.
  9. From his Tour diary 14 January 1934. The Bihar Earthquake.
  10. From his Tour diary 7 December 1924. Chandbali, Kayangola.
  11. Accident on a tiger hunt.
  12. Summary of letters from Orissa 1923.
  13. Letter from Souvendra Kumar Das (Bearer?) to Mansfield on the subject of his dogs, garden plants and appointment of a cook 24 October 1924.
  14. Confidential notes to Mr. Wood. Personnel in the Secretariat and the necessity to encourage the permanent officials to speak with complete candour in order to maintain the stability and morale of the services. Personnel for cold weather postings. n.d. (possibly 1938).
  15. Extract from the Tour Diary of the Settlement Officer of Chota Nagpur, January 1931. Murder of a wealthy Zemindar.
  16. Conversation between Congress and non-Congress people on the subject of the Orissa Secretariat particularly pertaining to Mansfield.
  17. From Tour Diary, January 15/20 1934. Bihar Earthquake (three copies) when Mansfield was Collector at Bhagalpur.
  18. A Routine Note to the Chief Secretary from Mansfield requesting permission to take a copy of his earthquake report and asking whether Government would have any objection if a magazine wished to publish it. Acknowledged and approved by Chief Sec. February 1935.
  19. Foreword to a possible book of his edited letters. Referring to the work and influence of L.E.B. Cobden Ramsay in Bihar and Orissa. 1968.
  20. 25 Letters from P.T. Mansfield’s wife, to his parents, 7 January 1923 30 November 1932. Personal, home, health, social life, children, servants. Comments on Travel Allowance; Oriya characteristics; Indians and English; Girl Guides; loneliness; Lord Irvin.
  21. 1958-59 Tour with wife and daughter.
    • Report on his tour (2 copies)
    • ‘At home’ card.
    • Three passenger lists of Circassia and Cilicia (Two copies)
    • Programme of ‘Beating Retreat’.
    • Copy of memo made by V.K.R. Menon.
    • Copy of letter to Mr. (Gilbert) Laithwaite – Commonwealth Relations Office.
    • Letter from Mr. Laithwaite. 20 April. 1959.
    • Letter from Mr. Laithwaite. 31 October 1958.
    • Timetable of visit by Governor of Orissa.
    • Newspaper article reporting Mansfield’s talk in Cuttack to Indian Institute of Public Administration.
    • Some names, positions held and addresses of people met on tour.
    • Brains Trust questions for ship game on Circassia.
    • Copy of Resolution passed at A.G.M. of I.C.S. (Ret. Assoc. 1949).
    • Letter from S. Das – Cuttack – 15 December 1958, enclosing two invitations for Mansfield to speak: a) Rotary Club, b) Cuttack Club.
    • Handwritten notes on tour.
    • Itinerary of Orissa programme.
    • Letter from All India Radio enclosing text of talk ‘Orissa Revisited’.
    • Letter from G.C. Dash ? acknowledging donation for ‘Small Gardens’ prize.
    • Letter from Raghunath Gope – boatman.
    • Letter from N.J. Cornelius, General Secretary Delhi Y.M.C.A. acknowledging donation.
    • Resumé of Report on tour.
    • Letter from E.B. Samuel, General Secretary of Cuttack Y.M.C.A. acknowledging donation.
    • Indian impressions.
    • Notes for a talk on coming home.
    • Diary of tour.
    • Continuation of tour diary.
  22. ‘Britain and India’ personal notes probably written after 1940. How some British take delight in Hindu-Moslem disunity. The line, he feels should be taken by the Government towards India after the War. India’s defences. The Government of India out of touch with the real India.
  23. Part of a letter from France, n.d. (not pertaining to India).
  24. Notes on re-reading his letters of 40 years back. 1960.
  25. Copy of message sent to the newspaper, New Orissa when the state became a separate province. 1926.
  26. (Transferred)
  27. Notes of Court cases – Barh 1919.
  28. Notes on re-reading his 1919 letters home.
  29. Various unidentified papers.