Archive / Papers / Mallam Papers: Box 4


  1. Census of India, 1931, Vol. XV N.W.F.P.
  2. Printed Paper: ‘The Tribal Problem of the N.W.F.P.’ Appendix I. By G.L. Mallam, 1945.
  3. Four files:
    • Miscellaneous correspondence relating to Convocation Address, V.B. College, Dera Ismail Khan, 1947.
    • Paper: ‘Note on Tribal Reconstruction’ n.d.
    • Lecture: ‘Policy in Waziristan’ n.d.
    • Memorandum: The N.W. Frontier problem: a brief statement. (c.1938)
    • Paper on the Border Administration Report n.d.
  4. Notes on conversation with:
    • Atta Muhammed Khan and Sundarai – 10 August 1940.
    • Jan Saifoli (sic) Muhammad Khel Duars (K.S. Mir Azam Khan, Zarif Khan or Rasul Khan).
  5. Education in the Tribal Areas. ?1945.
  6. Copy of letter … 1 November 1944 from the Commissioner Post War Planning, N.W.F.P. and Tribal Areas, to Chief Secretary to Government N.W.F.P.
  7. Newspaper cutting on ‘The Use of the Bomber on the N.W.F.P.
  8. Correspondence with Sir Olaf Caroe.
  9. File: N.W.F.P. Situation 1947 – inc. C.I.D. Daily Diary 1 April – 27 May 1947.
  10. File: Correspondence relating to Mallam’s offer to stay on Frontier for six months after transfer of power.