Archive / Papers / Mallam Papers: Box 1


File 1:

  • Intelligence report on disturbances in Waziristan 1936-37. Cuttings from The Statesman on frontier policy, July 1940.
  • Note on ‘Tribal reconstruction’ and connected correspondence 1941.

File 2:

  • Note on tribal self-government 1944, preceded by Mallam’s note, dated 1943, as Chief Secretary in defence of the Garvi tribes of Swat against annexation by the Wali of Swat.
  • Copy of memo dated 12 May 1944 from Political agent, Kurram, on administration of justice in Kurram Valley.
  • Mallam’s note as Chief Secretary, opening the subject of tribal self-government, as preliminary to economic development, 25 February 1944.

File 3:

  • Mallam’s article in the Journal of the United Service Institution of India, No. 324, July 1946 on ‘The tribal problem of the North West Frontier’, and connected correspondence. Included also are newspaper cuttings of six articles on the ‘North West Frontier’ by Ian Stephens, editor of The Statesman January 1947; correspondence regarding Mallam’s offer to stay on in Pakistan after the transfer of power to prepare a plan for the political development of the tribes.

File 4, 1945-47:

  • Radio talks on ‘Victory summer in England’; ‘The frontier plan 1947-52’.
  • Convocation addresses, Islamia College and V.B. College, Dera Ismail Khan 1947.
  • Radio talks on anthropology by Dr. Verrier Elwin.
  • Paper on ‘Establishment of a central commodity research station for fruit and a central fruit technological institute at Peshawar, N.W.F.P.’
  • Copy of Frontier Mail 8 March 1946.

File 5:

  • Selected Frontier Situation Reports April-May 1947.

File 6:

  • A file of papers handed to Mallam by H.E. the Governor, N.W.F.P. in Government House Peshawar 10 July 1947 containing TS copies and the originals of the following letters:
  1. To the Financial Commissioner from Sir Herbert Edwardes, 3 February 1855 on ‘question whether the rent of 25000/-Rs a year at which the Western Khuttuck country was given to Khwajah Mohammad Khan on lease for 5 years … is liable or not to a yearly charge of Rs.4166.10.11 as a “Mooajib” cash Jagir ….’
  2. To the Financial Commissioner, Bannu 26 Mary 1855 from Sir John Nicholson about reduction in revenue of one of the Gundapoor chiefs, Kaloo Khan.
  3. Memorandum dated 31 March 1855 signed by Sir John Lawrence, recommending the lease of Western Khuttuck to Khawjah Mohammed and discussing the amount of the lease and reasons, and the inheritance of the lease on Khawjah Mohammad’s death.