Archive / Papers / Hudson, E.J.B. Papers: Box 2


  1. Diaries, continued:
    • 1897 England.
    • 1898 England. At beginning of diary, a detailed layout of his finances including investments. March – left Marseilles on the Clyde for Bombay. Posted to Arakan, Burma. – living in new bungalow belonging to Chartered Bank in Akyab. November – posted to Shillong, much rebuilding after earthquake of 1897. Mostly social life.
  2. Magazine: Gallery of Illustration: The route of the overland Mail to India from Southampton to Calcutta. 7th ed. London. 1851.
  3. Indian Telegraph Department – Seniority and Retirement List – 1908 Calcutta.
  4. Classified List and Distribution Return of Establishment – Telegraph Department 1888, Calcutta.
  5. Notebook on Descriptive Engineering. Handwritten, Coopers Hill 1885 with illustrations.
  6. Notebook on Architecture; handwitten with illustrations 1886.