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  1. Diaries: Very brief remarks – mostly social activities, but names nearly everyone he meets.
    • 1887 England
    • 1888 Sailed from Liverpool, 29 November on Nepaul. Arrived Calcutta December 31.
    • 1889 Starts in the workshops in Calcutta. Designing stamps, maps, etc., working under Col. Mallock. Arrives Bombay April. Hunting trip in and around Halliyal. Takes up work in Telegraph Office in Bombay. His Presidency Allowance of Rs. 50 per month is sanctioned. Inspects several local post offices and store yards. September in Poona on holiday. Notes presents bought and their prices. October – visits Mahim, one English bungalow. November – Bombay, fire at Mody’s Stores and several large Shipping stores. December – Starts railway line inspection of B.N. Railway from Umaria, Rewah State, C.I. to Sambalpur. Bihar and Orissa State. Daily details of work.
    • 1890 Continued brief descriptions of life and work on telegraph line inspection. At beginning of diary several sketches of the route and of Alexandra Bridge over the river Chenab at Wazirabad. Also lists English residents at Pakopku, Gangaw and Kan in Burma, Gwalior and Morar. June – Gwalior. July – Morar. August – Indore September – Sialkot and Wazirabad working on the Alexandra Bridge. October – Rangoon on the Purnia. Pokoku in November with daily details of camp travel and transport through jungle areas to lay out proposed telegraph line Attacks from Thettah tribe on Changwa and Haka. All yearly accounts at end of diary.
    • 1891 Camp Gangaw. Chin Hills. Sketches of Road Pakkoku to Kan; plan of Gangaw; road to Maymyo from Mandalay. Daily details of life and work. January – down river to Mandalay on the Beeloo an I.F.C. steamer. In charge of Sub-Division and marking out of new lines. March – Rising at Manipur including Naga Hill men. April – To Madras on board Nuddea – then Bangalore, Ootacamund where he works on telephone line from Exchange to Government House, Coonor, Salem, Arcot, Katpadi and other places around Bangalore on telegraph line inspection. September – Veniyambadi, Jarlarpet, Coimbatore, Bul, Salem – various dates and notes about year at end of diary and all accounts.
    • 1892 Sketches of route from Mysore to Kakankote, Mysore to ‘Morlay Hall’. Dates and places visited at beginning of diary – all from Coonoor. Also loose list (marked A) of things sent home for Christmas 1892. Daily details of work and people met.
    • 1893 Sketch showing bungalows and mileages of villages between Madras and Gudur. Works in and from Bangalore. August – home leave, Bombay to Brindisi on the Peninsular. Returned to Madras in October via Bombay. December – to Karachi.
    • 1894 Working from Sibi to the Bolan Pass. Names villages and work detail. August – Ziarat. November – visit of Viceroy.
    • 1895 Quetta, Baluchistan. January – Beleli, Bubak. February – Abigum and bridges over the Bolan River, e.g. the Bibinani Bridge. Details of daily life and work on line inspection and met. Sibi and Nari Gorge. March – Kundilani, Rindli. May – Mukhtar, Murgha, fort Sandeman. (.Newspaper cutting 21 July 1919 about a convoy captured near Fort Sandeman). Stays in Political Agent’s bungalow built by Sandeman before cantonment was made. Fort Mik is overcrowded. Gives names of regiments stationed at all the forts and cantonments and names officers in command who he encounters in his line inspection work. More newspaper cuttings from later years fixed to diary pages. Always travels with escort several murders reported. Daily description of journey on to Fort Munro, Dera Ghazi Khan, Mooltan, Quetta. First through train from Sibi to Quetta. July – posted to Hyderabad, Scind, to take over charge of the Kotri Rohri Construction. November – Quetta. December – Bombay and Karachi.
    • 1896 Quetta – commencing work on line to Hindubagh. Newspaper cutting 1919. October – Bombay, departs for England on the P. & 0. SS. Thames.