Archive / Papers / Darling, Sir M.L. Papers: Box 64


Papers of Sir Malcolm Lyall Darling, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Punjab 1904; Tutor and Guardian to His Highness the Raja of Dewas 1907; Financial Commissioner, Punjab 1936.

Papers relating to MLD’s time in Dewas and to controversies in the ruling family, 1920s, 1930s; personal correspondence with the Maharajah:

‘Dewas Papers: folder A’. Personal documents relating to the flight of the Yuvraj of Dewas in 1927, following controversy in the court about the status of his new wife.

‘Dewas Papers: folder B’. Letters and notes relating to the ruling family of Dewas, letters between MLD and the Maharaja, 1960s.

‘Dewas Papers: folder C’. News reports and correspondence relating to the controversy surrounding the flight of the Yuvraj of Dewas in 1927; letters to E.M. Forster.

‘Dewas dossier’. Further papers related to events in folders 1, 2 and 3 above.

Tukojirao Puar’s letters to MLD, 1906-1908.