Archive / Papers / Darling, Sir M.L. Papers: Box 49


Papers of Sir Malcolm Lyall Darling, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Punjab 1904; Tutor and Guardian to His Highness the Raja of Dewas 1907; Financial Commissioner, Punjab 1936.

Newspaper publishing; speeches on radio and to societies; correspondence and ephemera relating to publications and speeches:

  1. News cuttings and copies of reviews, letters to the editor and articles about the political situation in South Asia; letter about the Bengal Famine, 1943-1955.
  2. Copy of presidential address to the Indian Society of Economics, Lucknow, 1927.
  3. Text of talks given on the radio – mostly on the BBC; one related news article.
  4. MLD’s correspondence with All-India radio and with Lionel Fielder, BBC, about programmes featuring MLD.
  5. Ephemera relating to publications: invitations and calling cards; letter from Oxford University Press.