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Papers relating to South-East Asia between the 16th and 19th Century.

  • A sketch of the rise, progress and termination of the regular corps, by Lewis Ferdinand Smith.
  • Notes relative to the peace concluded between the British Government and the Marhatta Chieftains.
  • Notes on the siege of Delhi in 1804 with some observations in the position of the Indian Government under the Marquess of Wellesley by Major-general Galloway.
  • First international conference on transfer of science and technology between Europe and Asia, 16th-20th century, by A. Jan Qaisar.
  • Wheeled vehicles and land transport in India by Jean Deloche.
  • An ethnographic approach to medieval Indian textile technology by Lotika Varadarajan.
  • Transfer of science and technology between Europe and Asia: astronomy. Yamada Keiji.
  • The transfer of mining technology between Asia and Europe, sixteenth to early nineteenth century by Hans Ulrich Vogel.
  • Agricultural innovation processes and colonialism in insular Southeast Asia 1500-1800 by Gerrit Knaap.