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Papers relating Yaduendra Sahai who was a leading authority on the art of architecture in Jaipur and worked as the curator of the City Palace Museum.

  • Leaflet about Cow protection under muslim rule.
  • Translation of a leaflet. The work of the congress for the workers recommendations granting concessions by the Inquiry committee, The reactionary policy of the ‘government of advisers’.
  • News article ‘Bradley clarifies attitude towards congress socialist party, 19/8/37.
  • Picture from the Free Press Journal.
  • News paper.
  • Akbaru Kos Minars.
  • The imperial services transport corps, Jaipur, by Yaduendra Sahai.
  • Forts of Rajasthan by Kamchan Sahai.
  • Sawai Jai Singh, Patron of architecture, Yaduendra Sahai.
  • Copy of the Independent Railwayman.
  • The Shekawati Brigade and some additional notes by Yaduendra Sahai.