Archive / Papers / Brownlie Papers: Box 4


Papers of T.A.M. Brownlie, agricultural engineer and educator.

  • Diary of a lecture tour to the United States in 1927. Notes of expenses and of visits to irrigation facilities. Detailed notes of machinery and procedures.
  • Road map of Northern India, prepared by the Automobile Association of Northern India, c. 1910.Booklet, ‘Instructions for operating the Remington portable typewriter’.
  • 1 page of hand-written notes detailing prices of pipe tracks.
  • Photocopy of the Punjab Agricultural College Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 7, April 1934.
  • Correspondence and notes relating to previous use of T.A.M. Brownlie’s papers.
  • Assorted letters relating to patent applications, lectures and the construction of tube wells in Punjab.
  • Assorted published papers and offprints:
    1. S.I. Mahbub, Punjab Engineering Congress, Paper No. 257, ‘Densification of canal banks’, n.d.
    2. T.A.M. Brownlie, ‘Rise of subsoil water level in canal-irrigated areas’, offprint from unidentified publication, n.d.
    3. T.A.M. Brownlie, Notes on tube wells in theory and in practice for irrigation purposes and public water supplies, 1912.
    4. T.A.M. Brownlie, ‘Convoluted tube wells for irrigation’, offprint from the Agricultural Journal of India, 1913.
    5. ‘Replies to questionnaire by T.A.M. Brownlie, Agricultural Engineer to Government, Punjab’, from unidentified publication.
    6. T.A.M. Brownlie, Reclamation of waterlogged and alkalined land in the Western States of America, 1928.
    7. T.A.M. Brownlie, ‘A new type winnowing machine, for the separation of grain and bhoosa’, offprint from Agriculture and livestock in India, vol. 4, 1, January 1934.
    8. T.A.M. Brownlie, ‘Mechanics of tillage implements’, offprint from The agricultural journal of India, vol. 17, 2, March 1922.
    9. T.A.M. Brownlie, ‘Plain and reinforced concrete construction simplified’, offprint from The agricultural journal of India, vol. 21, 1, January 1926.
    10. Paper from the Second All-India sanitary conference, Madras, 1912, ‘Tube wells as a source of public water supply’.
    11. Three advertising booklets for wells and well strainers designed by T.A.M. Brownlie.
    12. Three patent provisional specification documents for tube well improvements, 1913-1920.