Archive / Papers / U.V.G. Betts: Box 1


  1. TS Article entitled Tangkhul Naga Pottery making, 1939. 4 pp.
  2. TS Dissertation entitled Village Organization among the Central Nzemi Nagas. Notes collected intermittently from 1940-1946. 175 pp. Detailed anthropological survey of the area which contains the following headings: The village community; village administration; land tenure and cultivation cycle migration; village rituals.
  3. File containing vocabulary and grammar notes. (Zemi).
  4. TS and MS notes on certain non Naga sites in the Barail area, North Cachar Hills and traditions relating to them. Maps. 16 Sheets.
  5. File containing notes on various anthropological subjects including unpublished account of Tungkhul Naga burial ceremony and comment by the Kuki National Assembly on the pamphlet Cycle-migration of the Zemi-Nagas by Mrs. Betts.
  6. Folder containing typescript and MS copies of articles, drafts for the Naga Path etc. Copy of article published on the Nagas in Illustrated News of 28 August 1948