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Papers of Mr J.A. Borron

Donated by Mrs H. Borron

Envelope 1: Letters of thanks to J.A. Borron

  1. Gopala Reddi, Sri. B., Finance Minister, Madras, 22.8.1949.
  2. Singh, M.B., of Hindustan Aircraft Employees’ Assoc., Bangalore, 1.9.1949.
  3. John, Dr. v K., MLC, George Town, 8.9.1949.
  4. Devadoss, Mr. D., Electrical Engineers’ Assoc., Madras, 5.11.1949.
  5. Aigar, C.P.R., Ootacamund, & also his visit to the U.K. 11.& 17.1949, 2 docs.
  6. Rajhgopalacher, C., at 60 Bazlullah Road, Tyagarayanagar, Madras, 6.4.1950, and re. a speech by Winston Churchill of 4th Nov., 18.11.1953, 3 docs.
  7. Srinivasan, S.N., Convenor of “Economic Forum”, thanking for B.I.S. releases with comments on them, 29.9.1950.
  8. Govinda Menon, P., Minister of Education, Trivandrum, thanking for pamphlet, 10.11.1950.
  9. Clark, G.B., British Far Eastern Broadcasting Service, Singapore, 14.11.1950.
  10. Perumalsami Reddi, C., 13.12.1950.
  11. Kurien, The Rev. T.M., Headmaster of Westley High School, Madras, showing of films, 25.1.1951.
  12. Seshadri, Sri. C.S., re. Malnad Conf. & Exhib., & Janab M.Mohamed Ghani of Government Brennen College, Tellicherry, re. films, 12.2.1951, 2 docs.
  13. Doraisami, A.X., of Trichinopoly, thanking for details of the Colombo Plan, 28.2.1951.
  14. Srinivasa Kini, U., of South Kanaca Dis. Teachers’ Guild, 1.3.1951.
  15. Mair, Major No., of HO Madras (copy) thanking for lecture, 16.11.
  16. Mahadeven, R.M., Commissioner of Police, Madras, for trophy presented by JAB, 13.8.1959.
  17. Marsh, John, Director, Industrial Welfare Society, London, following his visit to India, 18.12.1959. (See also Photographs)
  18. Keeble,.R.W.J., Secretary, The Standing Conference of Nat. Voluntary Youth Organisations, 7.2.1960.
  19. Srinivas Rao, M., thanking for film show.& dinner, 29.2.1960.

Envelope 2: Articles by and about J.A. Borron; invitations; speeches.

  1. Newspaper cuttings: Photograph of JAB attending a party at which Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon spoke, 6.1.1948; 0n the sterling area, 24.5.1950; departure on leave of JAB in The Mail, Madras, 22.5.1957; Bombay Airport with Mr. & Mrs. A. Clarkson & Mr. Sukumaran, 13.6.1959; plus other cuttings, n.d.
  2. Article written by JAB in Commercial Progress on ‘United Kingdom’s Condition after the War’, 1.5.1947.
  3. Invitations to JAB: The Mayor of Madras on-visit by Lord Mountbatten to Madras, 28.1.1948; Reception for the Duke of Edinburgh to Madras, 31.1.1959; Dinner given by the Governor and Shrimati Medhi for the Duke of Edinburgh at Raj Bhavan, Guindy, & programme of dance performance, 31.1.1959, 2 docs.
  4. Extract of speech (typed) given by the Hon. Sri Bhakthavatsalam in the Legislative Assembly, 27.3.1951.
  5. Extract of Speech by Mr. N. Raghukatha Aiyar thanking JAB for the party and extract of JAB’s reply, 29.4.1951.

Envelope 3: News cuttings, publications and TS articles

  1. ‘Annadurai, E.V.R. and Dravidian Movement’ (7 pages a final (8) missing).
  2. ‘The Business of Banking in India’ by J.S.G. Wilson (36 pages).
  3. ‘Caste and Untouchability’ (5 pages).
  4. ‘India’s Untouchables, Dead Weight of-Ancient Prejudices’ by The Times
  5. ‘Communist Tactics in India’, article in The Daily Telegraph, 1.9.1959 (5 pages).
  6. Mysindia, February 15 1959, ‘The World this Week Editorial: Lincoln and Gandhi stood for individual freedom, not a monopolistic state’.
  7. The Hindu Weekly Review, 15.6.1959.
  8. Blitz, September 6 1958.
  9. Mankind No.33, (articles on India: ‘A Political Survey’; ‘Mr Nehru’s Old Age’) 10 May 1959.’
  10. Mankind No.41, (articles on India: ‘Indian Nationalalism and Renaissance’, ‘India, China, congressism and communism’) January 1960.
  11. Nambutui Brahman (2 pages).
  12. The Onlooker, contains a photograph of JAB with P. Sukumaran,’15.6;1959.
  13. ‘Mr Kala Venkata Rao (Finance Minister)’, article from Deccan Chronicle, 31.3.1957.
  14. ‘Temple Architecture’ by Mr. V.M. Narasimhan, n.d., (7 pages).
  15. Cochin (Cochin Government Press, Ernakulam, 1943)
  16. SEAC Souvenir. A South East Asia Command account of the Burma Front, d.
  17. SEAC Souvenir part two, d.
  18. The Hindu Special edition: ‘The Dominion of India’, 15 August 1947

Envelope 4: Greetings cards

  1. Christmas cards received by J.A. Borron, 1959 (list included)

Loose item:

  1. T.W. Wallbank, A short history of India and Pakistan, (Mentor Books, New York, 1958)