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B&W. 7:09min. Manipuri, India. 1934 or 1935. Film made by A.W. Taylor. ‘ 4 December – Our tour to Ukhrul’. Departure by car to Yanganpokpi. Portrait of ‘Bottle Nose, A Lumb of Ukhrul’. Porters being offered ‘Akbar Shah’ cigarettes. On route passing by Thamnapokpi. Continuing the tour on foot on a path in the hills: Mrs Taylor followed by Tengkukai. Arrival at Songphel and drinking ‘Zu’ (rice beer). Mr. Taylor giving medical attention to villagers. Portraits of young women. Landscape scenes of early morning mist. Tuinem: village scenes, portraits of villagers, and scenes of medical consultations and help – ‘The Lumbu translates the doctor’s orders’. Trip to Ukhrul. Porters getting paid. Close up scenes of headmen, some smoking. Mr.Taylor being offered rice beer by one of the headmen. On tour to Ukhrul across terraced hills. Portraits of villagers and porters. A British fort; soldiers and villagers. (film with captions)


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