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B&W. 19:08min. Shillong, Meghalaya, India. 1932. Film made by A.W. Taylor. Scenes of a religious (?) gathering. ‘Shillong Gymkhana Races. Pujahs. 1932’: scenes of riders, spectators and races. ‘Tat races’. ‘Shillong golf course’ – extended sequence of a gold game. European woman playing golf. Scenes of the Shillong golf course and Club. Journey by car across a forest. Portraits of local communities. Europeans swimming in a river. Picnic scenes. ‘On the way to Government House’ – welcome of official party arriving by car (possibly Lord and Lady Willingdon). ‘At the Shillong Race Course’ – scenes of spectators; ‘The Bracken View Cup – Mr. J.S. Vickers’ Jacques d’Or wins’. Close shots of Lord Willingdon watching the race. ‘The Countess of Willingdon presents the prizes’. General views of bazaar; European women assessing various products and fruits. (film with captions)


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