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Handlist of Papers - E


(R.J. Earle)

Small Collections Box 9

MS description of a primitive forge in Rewa State, 1922-23. (Note appended by A.J.N. Richards 3 February 1968 on similar bellows used in Borneo)

See also Plate XLIII in Lushai Chrysalis by Major McCall. (Archive Library)


Small Collections Box 9

Colonel R. Eastwood

The Agricultural Map of Ceylon in four sections.

Scale - 4 miles to an inch The Survey Office, Colombo. 1927.


Purchased from Mrs L. Edington.

Small Collections Box 9

  1. Abstract of the Articles of War in English, Persian and Hindoostanee; the latter in Naguree, and Roman characters, Calcutta, reprinted by Order of the Honorable the Governor General in Council, 1807, pp. 47 (last page incomplete).
  2. Alterations made this Year in the Mutiny Act and Articles of War. 14 printed pages in English, 1811.
  3. General Orders of the Right Honorable the Governor General in Council, Fort William, June 1813. 'Oath to be administered to European Officers appointed to superintend Native Courts Martial'. 1 f.


Francis Frederic Colton Edmonds. Appointed Inspector of Schools, Coorg and Bangalore 1930; Secretary, Federal Public Service Commission 1940; served as Secretary of the Inter-Provincial Board for Anglo-Indian and European Education; also as Chief Inspector of Anglo-Indian and European schools throughout India.

Items donated by Mr Edmonds.

  1. Teaching: a quarterly technical journal for teachers, Vol. II, No. 4. (June 1930). Contains an article by Mr Edmonds on 'The teaching of chemistry, I: a rational method'. (pp.179-81.)
  2. Teaching, Vol.III, No. 1. (September 1930). Contains an article by Mr Edmonds on: 'The teaching of chemistry, II: the teaching of chemical theory'. (pp.27-30.)
  3. Teaching, Vol.III, No. 3. (March 1931). Contains an article by Mr Edmonds on: 'The teaching of chemistry, III: on equations'. (pp.128-132.)
  4. F.F.C. Edmonds. Chemistry. Calcutta, Longmans, Green & Co., 1931.
  5. Government of India, Central Publication Branch. Report of the Quinquennial Reviewing Committee of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Calcutta, 1931.
  6. Government of India, Department of Education, Health and Lands. Report of the Second Quinquennial Reviewing Committee of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Bangalore, 1936.
  7. Inter-Provincial Board for Anglo-Indian and European Education. The primary course in arithmetic in European schools. New Delhi, [n. d., ?1938].
  8. Inter-Provincial Board for Anglo-Indian and European Education. A report on the training of teachers for European schools in India. New Delhi, [n.d., ?1938].
  9. Inter-Provincial Board for Anglo-Indian and European Education. The teaching of music in European schools. New Delhi, [n. d., ?1938].
  10. Photocopy of a letter from an Indian student, Miss Ambrosia, dated Bangalore, 16 January 1933 asking for Mr Edmonds' help after she had failed her examinations for a second time. 2ff.
See also tape-recording LJC 3 in Cambridge South Asian Archive, Vol. 4, pp.204-05.


Small Collections Box 9

Copy of a personal narrative by Neil Benjamin Edmonstone of his Indian career and public service from 1783 to 1840.

Given by the Venn family.

The narrative is dated London 15 January 1841. Edmonstone entered the Company's service as a Writer in 1783 becoming Persian translator to Government in 1798. He accompanied Lord Mornington's expedition against Tipu Sultan in 1799 translating and publishing Tipu's secret documents. In 1809 he was appointed Chief Secretary to Government and served as a member of the Supreme Council at Calcutta between 1812 and 1817.

This copy was found amongst the papers of Edmonstone's fourth daughter. There are appendices which are in the form of transcripts of certain minutes and notes by Edmonstone and others (including a minute by the Earl of Minto dated 2 October 1813). The minutes largely relate to Edmonstone's resignation from the Supreme Council in 1817. 58pp.


Given by Professor DeWitt Clinton Ellinwood Jr.

Small Collections Box 9

The Indian soldier and Chance 1914-18

Article prepared for a panel on 'The Military and Society in Early Twentieth Century Asia'; Association for Asian Studies annual meeting, Boston, 2 April 1974.

The paper explores the ways in which Indian soldiers were exposed to change, and the ways in which war experiences effected change in their lives. The sources are reports on letters by the Censor of Indian Mails, and interviews with veterans of World War I.


Given by Sir Frank Engledow.

Ceylon, Assam, Java, Malaya: 1935 - 1962.


Indian Tea Association. Report of the Commission of Enquiry on the Scientific Department, 1935-36. Calcutta, 1936. 153pp.

Indian Tea Association. Report of the Commission of Enquiry on the Scientific Department, 1953-54. 162pp.

(Sir Frank Engledow was Chairman of both these Commissions).


Sir Frank Engledow's manuscript notebooks:

  1. Ceylon, Java, Assam I (1935-36)
  2. Ceylon, Java, Assam II (1935-36)
  3. Assam (.1953-54)
  4. Assam and Malaya (1961)
  5. Malaya (1963)
Confidential papers copied from the Indian Tea Association (London) to members of the General Committee and the London Advisory Committee (of the I.T.A.) 6 November 1954.

Typed papers connected with the 1961-63 Report on Assam and Malaya

  1. List of names of individuals met during the Commission's tour.
  2. Programme of tour.

  3. Photographs:
  4. (a) Presentation of Certificates by Sir Frank Engledow at Ayer Pa'abas, Malacca, 25 March 1961.

    (b-e) Tour Photographs of Sir Frank Engledow watching demonstration of rubber tapping.

  5. Map of Rubber Research Institute Experimental Station, Sungei Buloha, Malaya.
  6. Notes made for Sir Frank Engledow on breeding and selection at the Rubber Research Institute, Malaya. 6 March 1961. 6pp.
  7. Letter and other relevant papers, from Sir Geoffrey Clay, Controller of Rubber Research, Malaya to Sir Frank Engledow about the economics of capital investment as between national rubbers and synthetic rubbers. 14 March 1961. 6pp.
  8. Details of main experiments from the Soils Division, being carried out on Hevea at the R.R.I.M. 17 March 1961. 6pp.
  9. Copy of a letter from Sir Geoffrey Clay to Dr. C.C. Webster relating to the discussions between Sir Frank Engledow and the Soils Division of R.R.I.M. 21 March 1961. 2pp.
  10. Sir Frank's notes for talk to R.R.I.M. Board, 22 February 1962. 2pp.
  11. Humorous Christmas card from the R.R.I.M.
  12. TS account of a visit to the R.R.I.M. by four members of the C.A.C., and relevant papers. 8pp.
  13. Programme of visit of members of the C.A.C. 23 February 1962, issued by Smallholders Advisory Service, Kuala Lumpur together with a note on the Ulu Langat Cooperative Rubber Marketing Society. A note on Sg. Tekali Land Development Scheme. A note on Group Processing Centres visited on 23 February 1962. 6pp.
  14. Letter from C.W. Brookson, Acting Deputy Director R.R.I.M. to Sir Frank Engledow, 23 January 1962. Preliminary arrangements for the visit together with notes on breeding and selection at the R.R.I.M. 8pp.
  15. Correspondence between C.W. Brookson and Sir Frank Engledow on 9, 17, 18 January 1962 on further arrangements together with notes of a meeting held with the Controller of Rubber Research and a list of subjects for discussion prepared by Dr. Michaux.
  16. Correspondence between Sir Frank Engledow and H.M. Burkhill, Botanic Gardens, Singapore on the number of successful clones raised by the R.R.I.M. etc. 27 November - 19 December 1961. 5pp.
  17. Correspondence between Sir Frank Engledow and M. Pierre Michaux on a paper by R.E. Constock et al 7-18 November 1961. 11pp.
  18. Letters from W.E. Cake and M. Pierre Michaux to Sir Frank Engledow on cloning - 13 November, 11 December 1961. 5pp.
  19. Confidential note of an informal meeting of members of the Rubber Producers' Council and the Malayan Rubber Fund Board etc. 28 February 1962. 3pp.
  20. Confidential typescript notes on the Rubber Research Institute of Malaya (excluding the Chemical Division) by Professor Sir Frank Engledow. Written in Cambridge, April 1961. 10pp.
Additional material given by Sir Frank Engledow.

Notes on Rubber. 2 files.

File 1. Report of Advisory Committee of Enquiring into Production, Development and Consumption Research in the National Rubber Industry. 9 pp.

1951 notes on Thirty Years of Research in the Far East by M.J. Dijkman, Assistant Professor of Tropical Botany, University of Miami. 19 pp.

1960 text of talk given to Rotary Clubs of Singapore. Printed in Family Forum, a periodical of the British Army in Singapore. 4 pp.

File 2. Extract from Manual of Rubber Planting concerning tapping. 2 pp.

Miscellaneous notes on Rubber with index, glossary and numerical data. 47 pp.

File 3. Envelope

  1. Newscutting on Assam earthquake.
  2. Pamphlet on Colombo issued by P and 0 Agents.
  3. Map of Northeast India showing tea areas and tribal areas.
  4. Map of India and adjacent countries by Survey of India Office, Calcutta. No. S.D.O. 112.
  5. Map showing E.B. Railway.
  6. Map of N.W.F.P. by Survey of India Office, Calcutta. Ref. No. 38L.
  7. Map of Afghanistan, Baluchistan and N.W.F.P. by Survey of India Office, Calcutta. No. 38H.
  8. Military Traffic Map of India by Survey of India Office. Calcutta. No. S.D.O. 1504, 1916.
  9. 1935 Map of India showing railways by Survey of India Office, Calcutta.
  10. Map of India, Burma and Ceylon. Bartholomew's World Layered Series


Lent by the Earl of Mar and Kellie

Small Collections Box 9

Microfilm Box 6 No. 44A

Journals of Walter Coningsby Erskine:

Brief journals kept in the Delhi Almanac and Souvenir for the years 1854-57 inclusive.

Brief journal for 1858 kept on paper folded and sewn into a notebook.

Private journal, 1851-52. This is mainly concerned with marches and weather, as well as the domestic issues.

Military notebook 1843-44 (with pen illustrations).

Private journal 1844-50. Is offered (and accepts) the post of Second-in-Command of the Infantry Corps raised by Lord Ellenborough in Gwalior; goes to Lullutpore; builds bungalow. His eldest son dies and he sends the other home; his wife goes eventually with two more sons; mentions Colonel Sleeman often. Day to day account of weather, work, marches and appointments, and family news; ends in 1850 waiting for his wife to return. It is very domestic and personal, and as such gives a good impression of the hard life of the Englishman at that time.

Voyage to India 1828, which includes a preface and list of passengers, and the journals for 1829 and 1830 follow, which give his first impressions of India when he arrives in Calcutta, and give a picture of the social life there of the time. Illustrated with pen sketches.

Eighteen MS copies of Military Reports from Erskine, Commissioner Jubbulpore Division 19 October 1857 - 11 June 1860 (including report on the mutiny at Sohagpoor).

Five MS Proclamations of Amnesties to those who sensibly give up, seeing the British power, dated 15 June 1857; 5 March 1858; 12 June 1858; 27 June 1858, with account of fall of Gwalior; 15 July 1858, amnesty.

Four printed circular orders and three MSS copies of circulars dated 1857-58, from the Secretary to the Government, N.W. Provinces, about rewarding natives loyal to the British during the mutiny and about clemency in general. One of the MSS copies, dated 31 October 1857 is directed against wholesale destruction of villages in reprisal.

Printed Resolution about reconstituting Jubbulpore Commissionership.

Copy of MS letter written by Erskine to Viscount Canning from Jubbulpore, 31 July 1857, about his differences with Brigadier Sage who separated the Indians from the English and left them unattended with arms, and would not even let the loyal ones join the Europeans. His policy has left Sangor in a state of anarchy.

MS copy of long letter from Lt. A. Gordon, Deputy Commissioner 2nd Class Chundergree to Major Erskine, Commissioner Sangor Division 24 September 1857. A continuation of a letter written on 17 September about the traitorous conduct of the Deputy Collector Sangor Division, Nissar Ahmed and their treatment by the Rajah of Banpore and Tehree Ranee and the Rajah of Shahgurh, who subsequently held them prisoner; mutiny at Shahgurh; ill-treatment; feeling in the Banpore, Tehree, and Shahgurh districts; captivity at Buretha, and subsequent release.

Printed material:

'Narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the Sangor and Nerbudda Territories in 1857-58.' From Major W.C. Erskine, Commissioner of the Jubbulpore Division, to William Muir, Secretary to Government N.W. Provinces, 10 August 1858. 73 pp.

'A chapter of the Bengal Mutiny as seen in Central India by one who was there in 1857-58.' Blackwood, 1871. (i.e. W.C. Erskine 12th Earl of Kellie. Given to his son, the 13th Earl, by his mother 1908). 34 pp. map.

Memorandum by the Earl of Kellie on the supersession of retired officers by officers of the Indian Staff Corps etc. London, 1870. Annotated. 7 pp.

Microfilm Box 6 No. 44B

Private memoirs of the life of Walter Coningsby Erskine, third child of the third son of John Francis Erskine 12th Earl of Mar:

MS notebook, written in 1844 and covering the years 1810-44. Describes his life up to time of obtaining a cadetship (through his aunt) in the H.E.I.C.S. Leaves for India in April 1828; gives list of passengers; arrives Madras in August; arrives Calcutta 4 September 1828; life as a cadet in the Fort; buys a house with James Sleeman in 1830 at Bandah (Banda, U.P.); (Major Yates commanding); gives a portrait of all his fellow-officers. Remains until May 1832; description of the way in which the officers passed their time; the station; the civil servants there. Takes duty at hill Fort nearby; goes to Benares in 1832 with his Corps, where he has two happy and gay years; marries 1834. Regiment moves to Barrackpore; there 1835-36; in that year he is offered by Lord Auckland, Governor-General, opportunity to do duty with the Assam Light Infantry; appointed Adjutant of the 73rd in the meantime.

The Regiment sent with the 70th Regiment N.I. to Sylhet, to protect the S.E. frontier from the Burmese. Arrives Sylhet 1837-38; builds own bungalow, as there are none; takes his wife and child to the hills, but the child dies in 1838; description of the bungalow; second daughter dies in 1840, after the third child, a boy, was born; boy sent to Scotland in December 1840.

The Regiment sent to Allahabad in 1841; on the journey there, a second instance of the conflict between civilians and military; arrive Allahabad in March; a second son born; his brother visits him, and is eventually persuaded to resign and return; Erskine gets up a band in the Regiment.

The Regiment suddenly sent to Meerut; outbreaks in Kabul (Cabool): long account of the movements and promotions of officers; account of the men and women he has met in the various stations.

March to Delhi and arrive 1842; third son born; Lord Ellenborough arrives and is entertained by the Regiment to a ball and supper for 400 people; Rajah of Bhurtpore and others come to meet him and give a dinner, nautch and fireworks; one child taken to the hills, the rest follow later. Appointed to the 2nd Regiment at Lullutpore; on way there alone he joins a Lt. Warburton at Gwalior (Artillery) and marches there with him; builds bungalow as there are none; has civil work as a Magistrate; death of one of his sons.

Routes marched by the 73rd Regiment from Benares to Barrackpore in 1835, with an account of some of the stations, and places passed through; journal of route of 73rd Regiment from Barrackpore to Sylhet 1837.

Route from Allahabad to Delhi, 1841-1842.

Route or dak stages between Delhi and Mussoorie.

Journal of a voyage from Madras to England on board the Hon. Company's ship, David Scott 22 October 1804-8 March 1805; author unknown:

Small notebook. MS. Describes weather, position, speed, sailing technique, flora and fauna. Arrive at St. Helena 31 December 1804; brief description, purely demographic; sail from St. Helena 13 January 1805; arrive Ascension Island 19 January; each ship receives a turtle from a whaler. The journal ends with an entry on 8 March 1805, fifteen miles from the start point, and in sight of men-of-war making for France; spoke to them.

Letters from John Francis Erskine (brother of W.C. Erskine) to his family, 1836-40, from Pallavaram, Honavar, French Rocks near Seringapatam. Accounts of shikar, daily life, promotion prospects; mentions beginning of overland post 1839-40. 5 August 1842 from Chin-Kiang Fu 35 miles E, of Nankin, describes an attack on a Fort, during the war.

Letters from Lady Marjorie Erskine in India, mainly to her eldest son John Erskine at school in England, written while her husband, Lord Erskine, was Governor of Madras, 1934-37.

Printed books:

'History of Fort St. George and Government Houses Madras and Guindy 1938,' compiled from official records by Captain S.J. Cuthbert, A.D.C. (one of 50 copies printed 7 March 1938.)

'Two important men: a biographical record', by Nilkan Perumal. R. J. Ram & Co., 768 Triplicane High Road, Madras, 1938. (Lord Erskine, Governor of Madras and the Hon. Mr. C. Rajagopalachari, the Prime Minister.) Author's preface: 'my chief purpose is to present the human side of their lives ... I ... confine my references only up to the time the Congress Ministry actually took office on 14 July 1937 .... This is no authorized publication. In fact, neither His Excellency nor the Hon. Prime Minister ever knew I was engaged writing a book of this sort ....'



Given by W.D.C. Erskin-Crum

A collection of newspaper and magazine articles by Lady Erskin-Crum.

  1. The Schoolmistress from 'The Vicereine at Home', July 3, 1930. 2pp.
  2. The Field from 'A Woman's outlook on Pigsticking', 6 September, 1930. 1p
  3. The Statesman: The Common Indian Crow, 13 September, 1931. 1p.
  4. Vultures, 3 January 1932. 1p.
  5. The Royal Hoopoe, 30 October, 1932. 1p.
  6. Monal Pheasants, 13 November 1932. 1p.
  7. The Illustrated Weekly of India: 'Bulbuls: Gamest of Indian Fighting Birds, 30 July 1933. 1p.
  8. The Times of India Annual: 'To Bombay in '78', 134. 4pp.
  9. The Queen: 'The Old Golf Bag', 29 August 1934. 1p.
  10. 'Feathered characters in India', 14 November, 1934. 1p.
  11. 'A Bear Shoot in Chota Nagpur', 9 January 1935.
  12. 'A Day's Pigsticking in Bengal', 17 July 1935.
  13. The Sphere: 'India's Vicereine', 11 April 1936.
  14. The Times of India Annual: 'A Holiday in Sikkim', 1939. 3pp.
  15. The Illustrated Weekly of India: 'Why is it there?', 9 April 1939. 2pp.
  16. 'Green Parrakeets', 30 April 1939. 1p.
  17. A hand-written appreciation of Mr. Sorabjee Shaporfee Bangali who was a partner in Forbes & Co.
  18. A Newspaper cutting presumably taken from above account.


Small Collections Box 9

Papers (mainly personal) of David Edward Evans. Assistant Engineer, Royal Indian Marine, 1885 during Third Burma War; worked for Ralli Brothers in Eastern India 1889-1931, Chief Engineer from 1911.

Given by Mr David Lloyd Jones

  1. Envelope 1: Papers relating specifically to Mr Evans' work with Ralli Brothers. Includes:
    • Business/technical correspondence;
    • Personnel and staffing letters including references and statements of apprenticeship;
    • Evans' own correspondence with the Company including a letter indicating his intention to resign after his next tour of duty;
    • a few technical engineering drawings;
    • envelope of adulatory letters from people in India.
  2. Envelope 2: Miscellaneous personal papers of Mr Evans including:
    • Medical documents;
    • Correspondence with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (and related correspondence);
    • correspondence from H.W. Collins of Calcutta apparently about a loan.
  3. Envelope 3: Miscellaneous personal papers of Mr Evans including:
    • A bond relating to a loan to H.D. Evans of Calcutta;
    • Receipts;
    • Copy of a grave receipt;
    • Two letters from Mr Evans to Mr Lloyd Jones during the Second World War (xerox copies). Notes by Mr Lloyd Jones draw attention to the significance of certain of the items.


Given by Mr. R. Evans

Burma 1942, 1967

Papers belonging to his brother, J.G.W. Evans who was killed leading his patrol of LHO Levies on an assault on two machine gun posts in the vicinity of Mongpawk, Kengtung State, Burma. The party of LHO Levies had been raised by Mr. Evans at the request of General Lu, General Officer Commanding 93rd Division Chinese Central Government Army in December 1942, and which operated on the Northern Borders of Kengtung State against Japanese and Siamese forces.

Two pen and ink drawings: (1) The Palace, Mandalay. (2) In the paddy fields.

One water colour of Langwa.


Offprint of the journal of the Burma Research Society, Vol. I Part I pp. 11-19 June 1967, Some Papal correspondence with the Kings of Burma by Vivian Ba.

Biography of Khin Oo Zun (Lovable Fore-lock) A Court Maiden of King Thibaw's palace, who dedicated her life to serve afflicted Burma - n.d. n.p. In Burmese and English.


Given by Miss A. Ewing.

India General: 1919-1954

A collection of interview notes, tape recordings and answers to a questionnaire sent out by Miss Ewing from I.C.S. officers, for her thesis written in 1978 entitled, "Survey of former officers of the Indian Civil Service between 1919-1935."

There are 17 transcripts of interviews, 32 written answers, in correspondence, to the questionnaire.

See also: Tape-recordings.

  1. S. M. Burke: 1931-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab 1931. 3pp.
  2. D. G. Chambers: 1931-1947 Asst Collr, Bombay 1931. 2pp.
  3. William Christie 1920-1947 Mag. and Collr, U.P. 1933. 4pp.
  4. B.A.C. Cook: 1929-1947 Under Secty, Fin. Dept, G. of India 1938. 3pp. (See also No.22 Questionnaire)
  5. G. G. Drewe: 1928-1947 Asst Collr, Bombay 1932. 3pp.
  6. W. W. Georgeson: 1930-1950 Jt Mag. and Sub-Collr, Madras. 2pp.
  7. H.A.C. Gill: 1929-1947 Dep. Secty, Fin. Dept, G. of India 1938. 3pp.
  8. J.P.L. Gwynn: 1938-1955 Asst Collr and Mag., Madras. 2pp.
  9. F. M. Innes: 1926-1947 Dep. Cmmsnr, Punjab 1932. 3pp.
  10. L. W. Jardine: 1921-1947 Resident for Baroda and Gujerat States 1943. 4pp.
  11. R. H. Johnston: 1923-1947 Mag. and Collr, U.P. 1928 and Bengal 1938. 2pp.
  12. A. H. Kemp: 1928-1947 Jt Mag. and Dep. Collr, Bihar 1928. 2pp.
  13. A.R.H. Macdonald: 1931-1947 Dep. Commr, Assam 1942. 2pp.
  14. P. J. Pringle: 1933-1947 Jt Mag. and Dep. Collr, Bengal. 2pp.
  15. M. H. Rossington: 1932-1947 Dep. Commr, Burma 1939. 3pp.
  16. W.H. Saumarez Smith: 1934-1947 Under-Secty, Home Dept, Bengal 1939. 7pp.
  17. C.F.V. Williams: 1923-1947 Sub-Collr and Jt Mag., Madras 1928. 2pp.
  18. E.G.S. Apedaile: 1932-1947 Dep. Commr, Burma 1938. 2pp
  19. R.F.S. Baylis: 1927-1947 Jt Mag., U.P. 1929. 4pp
  20. D. A. Bryan: 1933-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab. 2pp
  21. Sir Charles Clee 1919-1947 Secty; Fin. Dept, Govt. of Sind 1937. 3pp
  22. B.C.A. Cook 1922-1947 Under-Secty, Fin. Dept, G. of India. 2pp
  23. F. G. Cracknell: 1932-1947 Jt Mag., U.P. 6pp.
  24. E. G. Creek: 1933-1948 Jt Mag, and Dep. Collr, Bengal. 5pp.
  25. F. N. Crofts: 1929-1947 District and Sessions Judge, U.P. 3pp.
  26. B. W. Day: 1930-1947 Sub. Collr, Madras. 3pp.
  27. B. W. Day: 1930-1947 Sub. Collr, Madras. 7pp.
  28. A. E. Drake: 1931-1947 Asst Mag., and Collr, Bihar. Also political service. 7pp.
  29. A.G.F. Farquhar: 1927-1947 Dep. Commr, C.P. 17pp
  30. R. Galletti: 1931-1947 Jt Sec. Board of Revenue, Madras. 8pp.
  31. Sir Leslie Glass: 1934-1947 Ass. Commr, Burma. 2pp.
  32. J. S. Hardman: 1929-1947 Sec. Fin. Dept, Bihar. 12pp.
  33. E. S. Hyde: 1928-1948 Asst Commr, C.P. 1pp.
  34. R.S.T. John: 1932-1947 Jt Mag. and Dep. Collr, Bengal. 2pp.
  35. J. Johnston: 1927-1947 Mag. and Collr, U.P. 4pp.
  36. W. G. Kennedy: 1931-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab. 7pp.
  37. A. S. Larkin: 1921-1947 Mag. and Collr, Bengal. 6pp.
  38. Sir Robert Latimer: 1935-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab. 11pp.
  39. J. L. Llewellyn: 1929-1947 QJt Mag. and Dep. Collr, Bengal. 15pp.
  40. R. E. McGuire: 1926-1947 Dep. Commr, Burma. 2pp.
  41. F.W.A. Morris: 1930-1954 Jt Mag. and Sub-Collr, Madras. 3pp.
  42. A. J. Platt: 1932-1947 Pte Sec. to Governor of Madras. 2pp.
  43. W. H. Pridmore: 1934-1947 Jt Mag. and Collr, U.P. 4pp.
  44. P. W. Radice: 1931-1948 Jt Mag., U.P. 1pp.
  45. N. Storr: 1930-1947 Dist. and Sess. Judge, U.P, 1pp.
  46. M. M. Stuart: 1927-1947 Jt Mag. and Collr, Bengal. 2pp.
  47. A.R.C. Westlake: 1921-1947 Collr, Madras. 5pp.
  48. A. A. Williams: 1932-1947 Asst Commr, Punjab. 4pp.
  49. Copy of letter to C.M. Kerr in Cawnpore dated 1 September 1944 from D. C. Das? requesting his views on the work, and the qualities needed, by military officers going into civil employment.
  50. Miss Ewing's Appendix I to her thesis, the questionnaire, and a list of those it was sent to. 7pp. 210pp.
  51. 'The Indian Civil. Service 1858-1947'. An article written for History Today, June 1982, by Anne Ewing. TS and xerox of printed article. Bibliography in TS copy.
  52. TS of Appendix I. Survey of former officers of the Indian Civil Service. Summer 1978. pp.386-392. From Miss A. Ewing's Ph.D. thesis for the University of Cambridge.

See also; Correspondence