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  • Levi Papers
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    Small Collections Box 15 Given by Miss S. Levi Village life by the Ganges, 1939-46. Anonymous. Privately printed book 1950. For details see Levi correspondence file. An autobiography of a […]
  • Donovan Papers
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    Given by J.T. Donovan. Bengal; 1927-1931. Tour Diaries of the Collector of Bakarganj, J.T. Donovan, November, 1927 to August. 1931 These typescript Diaries give a detailed record of matters dealt […]
  • Davy Collection – Film 1
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    B&W. 17:55min. Lahore, Punjab, India (Pakistan). c. 1930s. Unknown filmmaker. ‘Village life ‘: traditional ploughing with two bulls. Indian women cooking, washing children and sun-drying mud bricks. Ironsmith. Bazaar scenes […]