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  • Dolby Papers
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    Given by Mrs. J. Dolby Book: The autobiography of William Simpson, R.I. (Crimean Simpson) edited by George Eyre-Todd. London, T. Fisher Unwin 1903. (No. 3 of limited edition of 100) Illustrated […]
  • Lord Collection – Film 1
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    Colour/B&W. 13min. India, Kenya, England. 1946-47. Film made by Mrs. Evelyn Lord. ‘Homeward Bound. 1946-1947. Delhi, Bombay, Mombasa, Suez Canal’ journey. Fruit vendors on a train platform. Troops on quay. […]
  • De Gale Collection – Film 2
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    B&W. 4:08min. Suez Canal. c. 1936. Film made by Mrs. De Gale. Port Said, Aden. Ship in rough sea. ‘Monsoon on the SS City of Venice’. Cargo being loaded aboard […]
  • Barclay Collection – Film 3
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    B&W. 1:20min. 1934 (?).Film made by I. C. Barclay. Journey from India to Britain. Travel by train and steamship. Voyage through the Suez Canal.