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  • Morgan Collection – Film 1
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    B&W. 1:23min. Location unknown. c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. River and weir. Group walking on a path (forest?). European woman posing in a garden. River and water fall.
  • Davy Collection – Film 3
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    B&W. 16:25min. Kashmir. c. 1930s. Unknown filmmaker. ‘A trip to Kashmir ‘. River scenes. Men collecting reeds from the river. Men paddling Shikaras loaded with straws. Shalimar (Shalamar) Gardens. Children […]
  • Boyd Collection – Film 1
    Archive: Films
    B&W. 4:32min. Punjab, India (Pakistan). c.1930s. Filmmaker unknown. River scenes: men on raft and inflated cow skins. Englishmen fishing. Men holding inflated cow skins. A group of Indian women in […]