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  • Bell Family Papers: Box 1
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    Papers descriptive of family life and offical duties of forest officials in the Central Provinces, the Himalayas and Simla; family papers from the Maldive Islands. Donated by Ms Heather Bell. […]
  • McNeill Papers: Box 1
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    Given by W.M. McNeill Confidential despatch by B. H. Bourdillon, Acting Governor of Ceylon to the Colonial Secretary, Lord Passfield, of a visit to the Maldive Islands 5-9 March 1931. […]
  • McNeill Collection – Film 1
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    B&W. 8:21min. Maldive Islands. 1931. Film made by a naval photographer of H.M.S. ‘Enterprise’ using H.E. Bernard Bourdillon’s private cine-camera. Royal barge bringing the Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen Iskander III of […]