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  • Kendall Collection – Film 3
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    B&W. 5:13min. Naini Tal, Uttarakhand, India.1931-35. Film made by Lady Kendall. Traveling by train and car – street scenes. Tennis. Picnic in the mountains and various scenes of British walking […]
  • Goodwin Collection – Film 2
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    Colour. 2:56min. Possibly NWFP/Pakistan. c. 1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Garden in bloom. Men holding a raft made of inflated cattle skin. Traveling down a river by raft. Three men on a […]
  • Craster Collection – Film 3
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    B&W. 2:53min. Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. 1933 – 1935. Film made by Col. George Cras’ter, Chief Staff Officer in Jaipur State, 1931-35. Jaipur Palace: garden party for the Viceroy, Lord Willingdon. […]