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  • Grant, L.E.L. Papers
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    Mrs. Lucy Elinor Lyall Grant, nee Hardy Given by Mrs. B.L. Bayley. Kashmir: 1901 – 1909 Memoir written by Mrs. Grant on her life in India, in about 1950 but […]
  • Morgan Collection – Film 3
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    B&W. 3:30min. UK. Location unknown. c. mid 1930s. Unidentified filmmaker. Family scenes: garden scenes; man on a motorbike; pet dogs; car being driven out of a garage and on a […]
  • Heaney Collection – Film 8
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    B&W. 4:09min. England. India. 1936-7. Film made by Captain G. F. Heaney. Skiing at a mountain resort (location unknown; Europe?). Scenes of young children playing in a garden (filmed in […]
  • Heaney Collection – Film 3
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    B&W. 9:31min. Tibet. England. 1936-7. Film made by Captain G. F. Heaney and Mrs Heaney. Tibet: mountain range with bridge on the background. Scene of Mrs. Heaney and children in […]
  • Goodwin Collection – Film 5
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    Colour. 4:36min. Possibly North West Frontier Province, India (Pakistan) . c. 1940s. Unidentified filmmaker. Domestic scenes; Indian man with young son; European woman with Indian man walking around a garden; […]