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  • Schrader Papers
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    L.W. Schrader Given by Mrs. J.E. Schrader Microfilm No. 12 Diary written by Schrader from 1923 to 6 January 1924 whilst Government Officer, Ceylon. Entries giving details of work, weather […]
  • Naish Papers
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    R.B. Naish, C.C.S. Letters home to parents while holding various government postings in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), 1915-36: Thirty-two letters from Naish to his mother written while he was stationed at […]
  • Blackton Papers
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    Given by C.S. Blackton Ceylon: 1920s Small Collections Box 4 Paper entitled: ‘The Europeans of the Ceylon Civil Service in the Nineteen Twenties: The View from the Kachcheri’, Charles S. […]