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  • Hudson, E.J.B. Papers: Box 10
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    Extract from The Navy and Army illustrated, 31.1.1896, with images from the newly commissioned H.M.S. magnificent. Extract from The gentlewoman, 17.11.1906, pp. 707-742 E.J.B. Hudson’s diaries and tour notes, 1895-1908.
  • Bourne, J.M. Papers
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    (J.M. Bourne, P.W.D.) Given by Miss J. Bourne. Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras: 1882-1919; Madras: 1965-1980 Boxes 1-2 Envelope containing 18 Letters from J.M. Bourne from Belgaum, Dharwar, Singatgiri, to his children […]
  • Interview: K.G. Prabhu
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