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Mr. F. C. Williams, tea planter, and Mrs. E. Williams

Small Collections Box 25

Bengal; Assam; N.W.F.P.: 1927-1959 45 pp.

  1. Five letters to family in England from Elswitha and Fred Williams, written from: Calcutta and Kokrajar in 1934; from Murree and Deccan College Poona in 1944. Early ones are about shooting trips, later ones domestic.
  2. Miscellaneous letters from domestic servants and employees of F. C. Williams of Octavius Steel Co. Ltd. Calcutta and London:
    1. Two letters of 1944 from daughter of Williams’ ayah requesting financial help to perform Muslim burial ceremony for her mother.
    2. Letter from Indian staff of Tea Estate, Sibsagar, Assam to ‘Messrs. Octavius Steel and Co. London’ sending Christmas and New Year’s greetings.
    3. 3 newspaper cuttings, including obituary of Fr. Douglas of Oxford Mission to Calcutta.
  3. Letter from Elswitha and Fred to their family, 04/10/27, on a steamer trip from Calcutta to Goalundo.
  4. Five letters concerning Fred’s resignation from the Board of Octavius Steel & Co. Ltd., Calcutta, in June 1969.
  5. 44 reports by Elswitha of interviews with (mostly) Anglo-Indians seeking help from the East India Charitable Trust, 1950-53.
  6. Photocopy of a note by J.A.R. MacDonald, 05/10/71.
  7. 3 sundry items – newspaper cutting; magazine cutting; training course practice problems.
  8. 3 letters (1 to Elswitha, 2 to James) from Gyles Mackrell [family friend]
  9. 3 newspaper cuttings about Gyles Mackrell.
  10. 1 letter to Fred from I.P. Goenka, former colleague at Octavius Steel.
  11. Elswitha’s dance card for the Pageant Ball, Belvedere, on Friday, January 13th, 1933.