Archive / Papers / Walker, P.H. Papers: Box 2


Papers of Mr P.H. (Hugh) Walker. Member of the Hong Kong Government’s Refugee Status Review Board, 1990-92. Papers relate to the treatment and assessment of refugees from Vietnam and the regulations under which the Board operated.

Donated by Mr Hugh Walker.

File 1:

  • Text of a talk given to the Yeovil branch of Amnesty International, 11 November 1996. Also hand-written notes in preparation for this talk.
  • Copy of the ‘Stern Papers’, setting out definitions and regulations for accepting a claim of refugee status, 1989. (Possibly UK)
  • Collection of papers relating to refugee status and applications in the UK. In particular a discussion of the book by Harriet Sergeant, ‘Welcome to the asylum: immigration and asylum in the UK’.

File 2: Hong Kong Government fact sheets

  • Fact Sheet: Vietnamese migrants in Hong Kong, published by the Hong Kong government, four copies, 1994-1997.
  • Hong Kong government fact sheets: ‘Immigration’, ‘Statistics’, ‘General summary’, and ‘Implementation of the Sino-British Joint Declaration’, all 1996.

File 3: Press clippings from Hong Kong and ther UK about Vietnamese refugees.   

File 4: UNHCR publications

  • Refugees, no. 91, December 1992: ‘Focus: emergency’.
  • Refugees, no. 93, August 1993 : ‘Focus: ethnic conflict’.