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Papers of Sir Hugh L. Stephenson, I.C.S. Acting-Governor of Bengal, June to October 1926 and June to September 1930; Governor of Bihar and Orissa 1927-32; Governor of Burma 1932-36.

Donated by Sir Hugh Stephenson – son of Sir H.L. Stephenson.

  1. Speeches delivered by H.E. the Earl of Lytton, Governor of Bengal, during 1926-27 and by H.E. Sir Hugh Stephenson, Acting Governor of Bengal, during 1926. Printed and bound.
  2. Selection of speeches by Sir Hugh Stephenson, Governor of Burma, during 1932-36. Publ. in Rangoon, by Government Printing Office, 1936.
  3. File of personal correspondence between Sir Hugh Stephenson while Governor Burma and Sir Samuel Hoare, Secretary of State for India, 1932-35.