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I.M. Stephens. Deputy Director, Bureau of Public Information, Govt. of India 1930-32; Director, 1932-37; Assistant Editor, Statesman of Calcutta 1937; Editor 1942-51; Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge 1952-58; Historian, Pakistan Government 1957-60.

  1. TS copies of obituary notices of Colonel A.I.R. Glasfurd, 1870-1942 from The Times, 2 April 1942; The Sunday Statesman, Calcutta, Sunday 14 June 1942 – letter to the Editor; The Statesman, Wednesday 24 June 1942 – letter to the Editor.
  2. TS copy of biography of Colonel A.I.R. Glasfurd.
  3. TS copy of note on Brigadier-General Duncan John Glasfurd, 1873-1916.
  4. TS copy of note on Duncan Glasfurd of Tillicoultry, 1769-1816.
  5. (a) Xerox copy of Garrison Order at Agra Fort, 1 July 1857
    (b) Agra Fort directory according to the census taken on 27 July 1857.
  6. TS copy of extracts of a memoir about Major General John Glasfurd 1810-1864.
  7. TS copy of account of Frederick William Glasfurd 1843-67.
  8. TS copy of account of Major General Charles Lamont Robertson Glasfurd 1831-87.
  9. Xerox copy of the issue of The Statesman, 10 September 1946, called ‘The great Calcutta killing’. (56 pp.)
  10. Two Xerox copies of unique surviving copy of The Statesman, called ‘Maladministration in Bengal’ – a compilation of editorials, illustrations and correspondence which appeared in The Statesman between March and October, during the development of the Bengal crisis of 1943. They deal with the confusion in the affairs of the Empire’s ‘Second City’, the tightening grip of famine throughout Bengal, and the Central Goverment’s food policy. Subsidiary subjects such as the Ministerial crisis of March/April, Calcutta’s housing and beggar problems and defective sanitation are also touched upon. The editorials selected conclude with one dated 31 October, commenting on the new Viceroy’s visit to Bengal a few days earlier ….
  11. TS duplicated note on talk in Cambridge, November 1965, about experiences by Edward Littelton and Virginia Forbes in Kashmir during the previous August, 19 pp.
  12. Xerox copy of letter from Mahatma Gandhi to I.M. Stephens, written on 6 February 1941 about the moral worth of non-violent action.
  13. Duplicated TS text of a lecture entitles ‘Pakistan’ but in fact dealing mainly with the circumstances of the 1947 Partition, prepared for delivery on 24 February 1969 for the Centre for South Asian Studies, as part of the course of lectures put forward by the Centre, in the Lent Term. The lecture was by Ian Stephens.
  14. Duplicated TS by Ian Stephens: ‘A curiosity: long life among British writers who lived in India.’ 47 pp.
  15. TS report by Norman Devine, staff reporter and war correspondent of The Statesman, of a press conference 9 April 1943, given by Lt. Gen. N.M. Irwin, Commander Eastern Army, amidst a controversy about the Arakan Campaign described on pp. 112-121 of ‘Monsoon morning’ by I.M. Stephens. 3 pp.
  16. TS draft note by Stephens, of a board meeting of The Statesman held on 9 December 1942 to discuss the Editor’s proposition that The Statesman’s future should be to some extent controlled by a Trust.
  17. Copy of a letter-26 May 1971 from Stephens to Lord Glendevon about inaccuracies affecting The Statesman in his book ‘The Viceroy at Bay.’
  18. TS copy of a few general comments (by Stephens) on Lord Glendevon’s book The Viceroy at Bay hastily dictated after just having finished a first reading of it.
  19. Copy of a letter from I.M. Stephens to his brother about his remembrances of their great-uncle Alec Stephens who championed the interests of imported Tamil tea-garden labourers in Ceylon, and was expelled from the island for so doing. 11 October, 1972. Copy of part of a letter from Mr. Kenneth Morford to Mr. Stephens with his version. 3pp.
  20. Confidential letter and note about the Shahed correspondence, April – June 1972. 3pp.
  21. Xerox copy of obituary notice of Benegal Rama Rau written by Ian Stephens taken from the Annual Report of King’s College, Cambridge, November 1971, pp. 46-48.
  22. Text of a tape recording of Dr. Saeed Durrani and Mr. Agha Ghazanfar talking with Ian Stephens about his memories of years spent in South Asia. (Edited by Stephens, the subject matter is his ancestry and early years before going out to India and before he was editor of ‘The Statesman’, then his return to Pakistan, 1975/6, his meeting with Mr. Bhutto, attendance at the first day of his trial, and subsequent meeting with General Zia).