Archive / Papers / Spear Papers: Box 5


  1. A Hand-Book to the Records of the Government of India in the Imperial Record Department, 1748 to 1859. 1925.
  2. Imperial Record Department Index to the Land Revenue Records, 1830-1837. 1940.
  3. Imperial Record Department Index to the Land Revenue Records, 1838-1859. 1942.
  4. Delhi – Its Monuments and History by T.G.P. Spear. First published 1943. (Two copies).
  5. A History of St. James’ Church, Delhi by Colonel James Skinner, 1931.
  6. School of Oriental and African Studies – Library Guide, 1973.
  7. The Economic Condition of India During the Sixteenth Century, by H.L. Chablani, 1929.
  8. Selections from District Records – Midnapore Salt Papers, Hijli and Tamluk (1781- 1807). 1954.
  9. Paper bag containing three photographs – (1) Portrait of T.G.P. Spear, (2) Metcalfe House after the Mutiny, (3) Ludlow Castle.
  10. Analysis of Maine’s “Ancient Law” by J.B. Oldham, 1913.
  11. A Fragment of my Literary Life, by Khwaja Ahmad Faruqi, 1971.
  12. A new voice for new times – the development of Hindi literature, by R.S. McGregor, 1980.
  13. Connection with Britain as an Issue in Indian Nationalist Politics, 1885-1905 by Brijen K. Gupta, 1963.
  14. Presidential Address (Section III: Modern India) to the 42nd Session of the Indian History Congress, by V.N. Datta, 1981.
  15. A Note on the Bentinck Papers in the Nottingham University Library by V.N. Datta, 1968.
  16. Rivista Storica Italiana, Anno LXXIX – Fascicolo II, Il Progetto Italiano Di Lord William Bentinck, 1811-1815, by John Rosselli, 1967.
  17. Landlords and Lords of the Land: Estate Management and Social Control in Uttar Pradesh, 1860-1920. By P.J. Musgrave, 1972.
  18. English Utilitarians and Indian Education by J.F. Hilliker, 1975.
  19. Local records – A Delhi experience and suggestion by T.G.P. Spear, 1939.
  20. Wisconsin Official State Highway Map, 1978-79. Scale 1inch:13 miles.
  21. Campus Map of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 1978.
  22. Delhi through the ages: Studies in Urban Culture and Society – Program of Seminar in honour of T.G. Percival Spear, 1979.
  23. 8th Wisconsin Conference on South Asia, 1979 – schedule of events.
  24. The Future of India in the British Empire: the Round Table Group Discussions, 1912, by Dewitt C. Ellinwood, 1969.
  25. Trevelyan and the Reform of Indian Education.By J.F. Hilliker, [1979?].
  26. Culture, Social Power and Environment: The Hill Station in Colonial Urban Development, by Anthony D. King, 1976.
  27. List of Muhammadan Histories of India, excluding those of Independent Provincial Monarchies,1921.