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Papers of Major Edward John Somerset, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., M.B., B.S., D.O.M.S., M.S. (Lond.).

Born 12 November 1907. Indian Medical Service, Oct.1938 – Aug.1947.
(Quetta, Shillong, and Medical College Hospital, Calcutta; appointed Professor of Ophthalmology, Medical College, May,1944). After Independence until 1961, when he left India, in private ophthalmic practice in Calcutta. Late Ophthalmic Registrar, King’s College Hospital, London, and Consultant Ophthalmologist, Harrogate General Hospital.

Given by Major Somerset.

14 Survey of India Maps of the Nepal, Sikkim and Tibet border areas.

  1. Sheet No. 78A Darjeeling; 3rd ed. (rev.)1937; (maj. corr.1943); scale 1in:4miles.
  2. Sheet No. 78A/SW and 72M/SE; 1st ed. 1941; scale -1in:2miles.
  3. Sheet No. 78A/NW and 77D/SW; 1st ed. 1941; scale -1in:2miles.
  4. Sheet No. 78A/NE and 77D/SE; 1st ed. 1941; scale -1in:2miles.
  5. Sheet No. 78B/NE; 1st ed. 1932, (reprint, 1945); scale -1in:2miles.
  6. Sheet No. 78B/NW; 1st ed. 1934; scale -1in:2miles.
  7. Sheet No. 77D Khamba Dzong; 2nd ed.1946; scale -1in:4miles.
  8. Sheet No. 78E Punakha; 2nd ed.1934; (rep. 1943); scale -1in:4miles.
  9. Sheet No. 78E Punakha; 2nd ed. (rev)1934; scale -1in:4miles.
  10. Road Map of India; 5th ed. (rev.)1939; (maj. corr.1942); scale -1in:50miles.
  11. Sheet No. 34N/3 Baluchistan; 4th ed. 1930; scale -1in:1mile.
  12. Shillong Guide Map; 3rd ed. (rev) 1946; scale -1mile:1/4mile.
  13. Shillong and Surrounding Country; 1st ed. 1939; scale -1in:1mile.
  14. Sheet No. 78A Darjeeling; 3rd ed. (rev.)1937; (maj. corr.1943); scale -1in:4miles.


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