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Papers of Dr Joyce Pettigrew, social anthropologist and researcher. Papers relating to her academic career and to her roles in political activism and social movements for the advancement of Sikhs in India, Pakistan and the West.

Donated by Dr J. Pettigrew

Research papers on Punjab, Sikhs; fieldwork notes from visits to Pakistan and Indian Punjab; papers relating to Canadian terrorism trial, 2003; correspondence.

  • Notes from field work, 1965-1967, 24pp.
  • TS article, ‘The way it was: Indian Punjab 1983-1993’, 18pp plus three inserted newspaper clippings and one letter.
  • TS article, ‘Not exactly a eulogy’, essay of reflections on K.P.S. Gill, 7pp.
  • Transcript of tape recorded while on fieldwork, Punjab, March 1993, 2 handwritten pages.
  • Notes from fieldwork, ‘Villages Sandhe Hashem, Ferozepur’, 1980-1981, 7pp.
  • Brief notes from Pakistan journeys, 12pp.
  • Depictions of Sadaquain’s murals.
  • Conference paper from 2002 conference, University of Columbia, ‘Law and Justince in Punjab’.
  • Papers relating to the 2003 trial of Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri, accused of bombing an Air India flight from Vancouver. Dr Pettigrew was called as an expert witness.
  • Correspondence with Ian Stephens, 1975-1983.
  • Parliamentary research paper, and notes towards its preparation, ‘Lives rich in terror: human rights abuses in Indian Punjab and the continuing suffering of rural families’, report of the Parliamentary Panjab Human Rights Group, 1998.
  • 4 maps (one slide, one blueprint copy and two photocopies) of Amritsar and Jullundur districts.