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Papers of Miss Alicia Percival, daughter of Philip Edward Percival, Judicial Commissioner of Sind 1926. Papers relate to three visits 1904, 1925 and 1937 where she taught English at the Madras Women’s Christian College.

Given by Miss A.C. Percival.

  1. Correspondence between Miss Percival and Fuzail Jafferey concerning his research on the life and work of C.A. Kincaid and Dennis Kincaid. 1968-1976. 15 ff.
  2. Copy of the Seventh Annual Report of the Women’s Council in the Bombay Presidency. 1924/5.
  3. Notes from an address given on 30 June 1948 by Bishop Lash of Bombay on ‘The New Outlook for Missions in India’.
  4. Copy of the 52nd annual report of the Missionary Settlement for University Women, Bombay. 1948.
  5. Copy of India in Song: a collection of verse by British and Indian poets, selected by Theodore Douglas Dunn and published by Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, Bombay and Madras, 1918.
  6. A collection of 19 programmes of the Bombay Chamber Orchestra: 1925/26.
  7. Copy of programme of dramatic entertainment in Poona – 30/31 August 1918.
  8. Three newspaper cuttings (one an obituary) n.d. showing Miss Percival competing in regattas in Madras.
  9. Folder containing:
    • Letter from W. Haily to Mr Percival n.d.
    • Handwritten book list n.d.
    • Dress list for an I.C.S. week n.d.
    • Letter dated 28 November 1937 from Miss Percival, probably to her family, from Madras where she had taken up an appointment as English Lecturer at the Women’s Christian College.
    • Letter from Tehmine Salim Ali to Miss Percival: Bombay 25 November 1926.
    • Letter from Miss Percival to her mother in England from Bombay 14 August 1926.
    • Six letters between Miss Percival in London and her father, D.A. Percival in The Gambia, 1962.
    • Diary of an Italian holiday before travelling to India n.d. 11 ff.
    • Letter of invitation to Miss Percival from Lady Barbara Wright. Madras 3 September 1937.
    • Envelope of photographs, see under Photographs.
    • Supplement from The Times 14 November 1981 on “Holidays in India”. 4 ff.
    • I.C.S. Indenture of Philip Edward Percival, Bombay 25 October 1895.
    • (In Box II) Box containing a ‘garland’ made of cloves, nutmeg and other seeds, given to Miss Percival on the occasion of her departure by the students at Madras Women’s Christian College.
    • Certificate that Philip Edward Percival has passed the examination held by the Council of Legal Education held at the Middle Temple 11 January 1895.
    • Certificate of Mr P. Percival’s Call to the Bar, Lincoln’s Inn, 7 May 1895.
    • Cutting from The Times 9 July 1970. Article by Victoria Brittain on ‘Increasing Isolation of India’s Muslims’.
    • Cutting from The Times of India 13 October 1927. Letter from J.D. Jenkins of Poona on the subject of early marriages in India and childbirth conditions.
    • Articles and letters from The Sind Observer 14 October 1927 and 20 September 1927. ‘An Indignant Protest’ by M.K. Gandhi, headmaster of a Bengali school, on the marriage of widowed girls. ‘Miss Mayo’s Book – Drain Inspector’s Report’. A review of her book by ‘Young India’…
    • Calling Book belonging to Miss Percival. 1918 Coonoor and 1925-27.
    • Letters from Alicia Percival while at. Madras Womens Christian College to her parents: September 1937-March 1938. Descriptive of her arrival and duties at the College and various excursions and social occasions. Owns a car. Feels there is a lack of direction in education. Belongs to the Missionary Educational Society. Impressed with the settlement at Dornakel. 43 ff.
    • Miscellaneous letters to Miss Percival during her time in Madras 1937/38. Invitations. 5 ff.
    • Copy of the forty-first annual report of the Madras Musical Association 1937. 3 ff.
    • British Indian Passport belonging to Mr P. Percival, March 1924.
    • a. Visiting card belonging to Mr Percival.
    • Government House (Bombay) Supper Instructions to Mrs Percival 1912.
    • Memoir by Mr Percival, Legal Adviser, Bombay 1918 on ‘Why I disapprove of the Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms’.
    • Article by Miss Percival from The Bromley High School Magazine 1938, ‘Impressions of India’. 2 pp.
    • Nineteen newspaper cuttings – 1926 (probably mostly Times of India) on musical concerts, guides and an obituary of Sir A Baines, grandfather to Miss Percival.