Archive / Papers / Parsons Papers: Box 2


  1. Report of Occurrences at Mhow during and subsequent to the Mutiny of Native Troops at that Station in July 1857. By Captain Hungerford, Bengal Artillery. (Printed for private circulation only, ?1858, 57pp.)
  2. Proclamation of Accession to the Throne of H.M. King George V. Read at Lahore 12 May 1910. 1f.
  3. Programme of the Ceremonial to be observed on the reading at Lahore of the Proclamation of Accession. Signed C. G. Parsons, 10 May 1910. lf.
  4. Map of the layout of the Coronation Durbar, Delhi 1911. Survey of India Offices, Calcutta, 1911. 1f
  5. Letter from Maclagan to Parsons dated 22 August 1906 on the latter’s Delhi Administrative Dictionary. 2ff.
  6. Programme for the Presentation of Colours by the King-Emperor at Delhi on 11 December 1911. 13pp.
  7. Programme of the Royal Review at Delhi on 14 December 1911. 16pp.
  8. The Dear Old General. By a retired Indian Chaplain. (About Major-General J.D. Parsons. Grandfather of C.G. Parsons.) Chester, date obliterated. 8pp.
  9. 2 laudatory addresses in Urdu.
  10. Letter from Parsons to A.L. Danson, dated Lahore, 6 January 1908. Gives Parsons’ answers to the heads of enquiry propounded by the Royal Commission on Decentralisation.
  11. Note by Parsons, dated 21 November 1887, giving Chungun Singh’s account of the killing of the Delhi Princes by Hodson’s men in 1857. 2ff (Chungun Singh was one of the Orderlies of W.S.R. Hodson – Hodson of Hodson’s Horse.)
  12. Printed tour programme of the Excise Committee for November and December 1905. 1f
  13. 1. Parson’s Army Commission, dated 8 January 1880. 2. Certificate, dated 23 May 1883, showing Parsons had undergone a course of Riding. 3. Certificate, dated 8 July 1884, showing Parsons had passed through a course of Army Signalling. 4. Marriage Certificate of Parsons to Grace Boddam at Bombay 5 December 1895. 4ff.
  14. Extracts from Punjab Provincial Administration Reports and Official Gazettes, 1856-1888, relating to Lieutenant J.E.B. Parsons. (Parsons’ father.) 2 copies, 2ff.
  15. Farewell address to Lord and Lady Curzon from Delhi Municipality. Undated, printed. 2pp.
  16. Letter from Zahiruddin Ahmad Khan to Parsons dated 3 October 1905, asking whether a small garden inside Kashmir Gate, Delhi, might be named ‘Gracia Garden’ after Mrs Parsons. 1f.
  17. Two resolutions, dated 17 October 1905, by the Delhi Municipal Committee. No. 17 naming new garden ‘Gracia Garden’. No. 18 thanks Parsons for his interest and courteousness. Printed. 2ff.
  18. 1. Certificate of Parsons’ death at sea, 26 March 1912. 2. Receipt, Probate duty. 2ff.
  19. Statement of Parsons’ career from a History of Services. 1f.
  20. Typescript statement of Parsons’ life and career. 1f.
  21. Obituaries of Parsons. 6ff.
  22. Extracts from the Pioneer of November and December 1905 about the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to India.
  23. Miscellaneous material on the Boddam family and its connection with India. 35ff.
  24. Typescript of diary kept by Parsons between January and March 1906 giving an account of his travels. 2 parts. 97, 41pp.
  25. Duplicated paper entitled India and Nepal 1973: a sentimental journey, by E.H.M. Parsons. 14 pp. (1974)A vivid account by Lt. Colonel Parsons of the Assam Regiment, of a return visit to India and Nepal and to his old regiments from 17 October-23 November 1973, after an interval of 27 years, and his welcome from the officers and old friends he met. A brief account of the changes he noticed.