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Donated by H.A.N. Medd, O.B.E., F.R.I.B.A.

  1. TS Paper written for the Illustrated Weekly of India, 11 April 1971. Outline of Mr. Medd’s life, particularly his architectural work in India, from 1919-1947. 7pp
  2. TS Paper to mark centenary of birth of Sir Edwin Lutyens, on 29 March, 1869. Recorded at B.B.C. en 31 December, 1968, broadcast on All-India radio, 23 March, 1969. Concerns building of New Delhi: Assessment of Lutyens’ achievement in India. 6pp.
  3. TS New Delhi: A paper read before the Art Workers’ Guild on 15 March, 1957. Historical background of the city: how New Delhi came into being: Lutyens’ work, 1912-1931: Sir Herbert Baker: details of plan of the city: brief history of developments since 1931. 11 pp.
  4. Article from Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, June 1971. The Ninth Delhi, by Patwant Singh. Includes discussion which took place after the lecture. Remarks and questions by Mr. Medd and others. (pp.461-475).