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Given by Major A.G. McCall, I.C.S. through Mr. A.C. Bowman

Assam: 1938-1951

Envelope 1:

  1. Lushai Total Defence Scheme
  • D.O. to Governor’s Secretary on T.D. Scheme 3.2.42
  • Letter to Governor of Assam on Labour Problems 8.3.42
  • Correspondence with Col. Critchley on T.D. matters March-April 1942
  • Memos on staffing for T.D. Scheme March-April 1942
  • Memo on operational considerations for Pasalthas 16.4.42
  • Memo on Evacuation 17.4.42
  • Address to Chiefs in Durbar (with subsequent Manifesto) 2.4.42
  • Extract of Confidential Reports 5.4.42-6.1.43
  • U.O. letter to Governor’s Secretary on Lushai cases in controversy over T.D. Scheme 23.1.43
  • Memo to Governor’s Secretary (‘Intolerable Situation’) 9.8.43
  • Extract from Fortnightly Report by E.S. Hyde, I.C.S. 10.11.44
  • Article on Major McCall’s T.D. Scheme in The Statesman Summer 1945
  • Copy of letter from Lt. Col. Parsons on T.D. Scheme August 1954

Envelope 2:

  1. Edgar Hyde, I.C.S., correspondence
  • Note on Southern Portion of Eastern Frontier between Chindwin Valley and Bay of Bengal 8.7.42 Note on R.A.F. Movements 13.5.43
  • Letters relating to T.D.S. and defence of Eastern frontier; some criticisms of personnel deployment and strategy: 7.4.43; 24.4.43; 17.5.43;18.5.43; 20.5.43; 21.5.43; 6.6.43; 14.6.43; 12.6.44; 12.12.51

Envelope 3:

  1. Military papers:
  • Letter from “V” Force Command to Major C.G. Cuerdon about changes in command of lst Assam Rifles in “V” Force 8.7.42
  • Memo on the Army and Sanctions: Major McCall July 1943
  • The Story of “V” Force
  • Note on Independent Brigade Group (Lushai Brigade).

2. Report on the Zongling Area.

3. Lushai Industries:

  • Notes on Red and Black Lacquers
  • Note on Moulding of Brass, by Pu Neithunga of Chalrang.
  • Notes on indigenous dyes and casting, by Rev. R.A. Lorrain.
  • Method of Ting dyeing, by Pu Thingkima Sailo, Chief of Chalrang.

Envelope 4:

  1. Account of the Total Defence Scheme, written by A.G. McCall.

Two maps of Darjeeling area.