Archive / Papers / Lorimer Papers: Box 3


Letters to Major Laughton in June 1857 during the Siege of Delhi where he was Chief Engineer. Also several memoranda written by Laughton on his work during the Siege. An Army Commission of Captain William Wyld’s 20 September, 1852 to become Deputy Judge Advocate General for European Court Martials at Wuzeerabad. An account of events written in May (author probably Laughton or Wyld). 49 ff.

“Burma Exodus” January-June 1942. Compiled from a diary and notebook kept by H.P. West, a member of Steel Brothers staff. 15 ff.

Note on Tamu route into India by E.S. Pinfold dated Lanywa 29 November, 1942. 2 ff.

Copy of letter from Edgar Jennings, District Superintendent of Police, Thaton, Camp Mandalay to Assistant Inspector General of Police, Burma. n.d. 5 ff.

Part of The Illustrated Weekly of India 21 June, 1942. 6 ff.

A typescript copy of a memoir entitled “Exit from Burma” written by Mr Lorimer in 1942 originally for the Eastern Army. 70 ff.