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Given by Colonel and Mrs. J.S. Lord

Punjab: 1944-1946

  1. Programme of the Baluch Regiment’s Regimental Reunion and Commanding Officer’s Conference including the Centenary Celebrations of the 4th Battalion, Rawalpindi, 23-26 October 1946.
  2. Programme of Trooping of the Regimental Colour of the 4th Battalion (the Duke of Connaught’s Own) The Baluch Regiment on the occasion of the Centenary of the Battalion at Lawrence Lines, Rawalpindi 24 October 1946.
  3. Programme of Beating of the Retreat by the Drums and Pipes of 4th Battalion (D.C.O.) the Baluch Regiment and the Baluch Regimental Centre, Rawalpindi, 23 October 1946.
  4. The Baluch Regiment: Regimental News Precis No. 16, May 1946. For Private Circulation; contains reports of the Baluch Regimental Centre; reports from the Battalions; some experiences.
  5. a. Bulletins of the Women’s Voluntary Services in Sind No. 2 October 1944 – May 1945. b. No. 3 June-December, 1945.
  6. TS copy of Recommendation by Lady Bird, Hon. Army Representative, Central Indian Army Welfare Committee, 30 March 1945, that a Women’s Institute should be started in the Baluch Regimental Centre.
  7. Letter from Sir Hugh Dow, Governor of Sind, 20 December 1945 in thanks for the presents given to him and his wife from the Baluch Regimental Welfare Centre.
  8. Letter from Sir Hugh Dow congratulating Mrs. Lord on her MBE 1 January 1946.
  9. Letter from the Commander of “C” Training Battalion – same subject, 5 January 1946.
  10. A tribute to Mrs. Lord and those who helped her in taking the women and children. of the Regiment to a cinema show, on 23 January 1946.
  11. Letter from the Hon. Organising Secretary of the W.V.S. New Delhi, congratulating Mrs. Lord on her MBE, 25 January 1946.
  12. a.-e. Five hand-painted and hand written farewell concert programmes, and farewell addresses to Mrs. Lord on leaving the Regimental Centre where she had done so much for the welfare of the women and children of the Centre, and an appreciation from the W.V.S. Amenities Group, April and August 1946.

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