Archive / Papers / Kennedy Papers: Box 2


  1. Envelope containing:
      Letters written to his father B.C. Kennedy, I.C.S. District Judge, Nasik, by Indians expressing gratitude etc. 1900, 1902-03, 1905.
  2. Papers connected with the assassination of A.M.T. Jackson, I.C.S. Collector of Nasik, on Tuesday 21 December 1909:
    • Invitation cards sent to B.C. Kennedy for two entertainments to be held in honour of Jackson’s leaving Nasik District on Wednesday 22 December 1909;
    • manuscript account of the assassination by B.C. Kennedy, written the same night as it occurred, with a transcription by Major C. Kennedy;
    • TS request to B.C. Kennedy by Members of the Bar to close the Civil courts on 22 December 1909, in honour of Mr. Jackson.
  3. TS copies of reviews of B.C. Kennedy’s books:
    • The Lost Dominion, 1924. Reviews in The Times; T.L.S.; The Daily News, (by A.J. Cummings); The Aberdeen PressThe Morning Post; The Daily Gazette, Karachi, (by Sir Montague de Pomeroy Webb);The Western Mail, Cardiff; The Yorkshire PostThe Newcastle Chronicle; letter to the Editor of The Times by Sir Michael O’Dwyer; The Glasgow Herald; The Scotsman.
    • The Outlook (history and political economy) published by G.P. Putnam Sons, New York. Review in The New York Times.
  4. Cutting from unknown newspaper – ‘Picked from the wayside’ by Vinode, 11 or 16 August 1923, referring to B.C. Kennedy’s prowess as a judge.
  5. Envelope containing: photographs: District Court, Sholapur, December 1903, with B.C. Kennedy as District Judge; Bombay Presidency where Kennedy was Collector c. 1905-6-7 – photograph of European officers; a loyal address being made to Lord and Lady Willingdon in Ahmedabad during their visit as Governor of Bombay Presidency – Kennedy was Collector of Ahmedabad c. 1918; group including Kennedy among his Indian colleagues Bombay Presidency, c. 1905-6-7; undated, unnamed photograph of an Indian festival.
  6. Envelope containing fifteen miscellaneous letters, cards etc., 1907-27, including a letter 1907 from A. Maconochie, describing difference in amenities and administration in Portuguese Goa and British India.
  7. Five obituary notices of B.C. Kennedy from various papers.
  8. One review of A. Carthill’s book, Madampur.
  9. TS copy of a coronation ode.
  10. Envelope containing:
    • Map of N.W.F.P.
    • Map of Pamirs.
    • Four photographs of Waziristan 1920.
  11. ‘Waziristan Operations`, by Major C.E. Kennedy. TS. 24 pp. Account of operations in the Third Afghan war, together with an account of the earthquake at Quetta in 1935. Both the Waziristan operations and the earthquake are illustrated by photographs, and the account also includes Major Kennedy’s curriculum vitae.
  12. Books presented:
    • Thadani, R.V. The historic state trial of the Ali brothers and five others. Karachi, 1921. (Presented by the author to B.C. Kennedy, who was the presiding judge.)