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Sir Paul Jodrell was a Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge. M.D. 1786. Knighted 1787, when he became physician to the Nabob of Arcot. He died in 1803 at Madras.

Given by Mr Richard Seale

  1. Diary kept I July 1792 – 31 May 1793 describes his daily round of visits, work, reading etc. Also daily records of temperature, wind etc.
  2. Packet of letters addressed to Lady Jodrell. 1 from Mrs Moor 26 November 1795, 6 letters from the Reverend (?) C.W. (?) Gericke who was in charge of the female asylum, Madras 1795-1798 (including one duplicate).
  3. Printed but undated petition by Lady Jodrell: ‘The Case of Lady Jodrell, Widow & Relict of Sir Paul Jodrell, Knt. M.D. as presented in a Memorial to the Rt. Hon. the Board of Controul for the Affairs of India’. Claim for recompense in respect of outstanding debt from the Nawab of the Carnatic. 6ff
  4. Photocopies of correspondence between J. Seale and Warren Hastings then in London.
    • Letter from Warren Hastings of 2 January 1802 accepting on behalf of his wife the offer of a dog.
    • Reply by Mr Seale of 3 February 1802. 3ff.


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