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H.H. Jenkyns, I.C.S.

Small Collections Box 14

Given by Mrs. V.W. Jenkyns

  1. Xerox copies of letters from Jenkyns to his future wife:
    • 25 March 1908, from Pind Dadan Khan (Jhelum District), Punjab. Describing a fair in the neighbouring district of Attock; Kattak dance.
    • 3 November 1908, from same. Describing flood damage etc., fever, description of camp, and retinue of district officer.
    • 16 February 1909 from camp, Dhand Gagri, Bahawalpur State. On leave, shooting; assessment of value of work in India; description of shoot, and pig-sticking.
    • 4 October 1909 from camp, Lahore. Description of a day in his life as District Officer: arrangements for Dussehra festival, hears cases in court, disposal of land etc.
  2. Nine scenic photographs, mostly of Jispa and one snapshot of devil dancers at Lakal. 1922-23.