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  1. Notes on the tribes of the Khaibar (sic) Range, i.e. Afridis, Mullagoris, Shilmanis and Shinwaris, by Colonel R. Warburton, C.S.I. Punjab Government Press, Lahore 10.12.1896. 43pp. Map of Khyber Political Charge.
  2. TS papers: Statement of half-year Maliki allowances of tribes under the control of Khyber Agency. n.d.
  3. TS Statement of Tribal Allowances and Khassadars in Khyber Agency. n.d.
  4. Mizh: a monograph on Government’s relations with the Mahsud tribe by Evelyn Howell, Resident in Waziristan 1924-26. Simla, Government Press 1931. 64pp. Map.
  5. Tour diaries written by R.V.E. Hodson while doing probationary training (for the I.P.S.) as a Supernumerary Assistant Commissioner, Hazara, Abbottabad, with the D.C., Mr. G.C.S. Curtis. The diaries are detailed accounts of the daily work of a D.C.’s daily life in crop inspection, settlement and revenue work. There is a sketch map at the end of each tour, and comments by the D.C.
    • 17-25 April 1940
    • 16-30 May 1940
    • 16-29 Aug 1940
    • 21-29 Oct 1940
    • 14-19 Jan 1941
    • 8 May-30 September 1941 in Kohat area.
    • (At end of book a brief diary for 13 November-25 December – no year given).